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Emmerdale spoilers: ‘Baby died because of me’ Lydia Hart confesses to killing her child?

Jul 7, 2019

Emmerdale kicked off a new mystery this month after official soap spoilers revealed bones of a dead baby would be found in the grounds of Hotton Academy. 

With a team of investigators pulled in, scenes which aired this week saw the police discuss the case of a missing teenage girl which coincides with the dates of the baby dying. 

As the image was shown to viewers, the young girl staring back was none other than Lydia Hart (played by Karen Blick), and it wasn’t long before she confirmed the child was in fact hers. 

Walking into the local police station, Lydia said: “I’m the woman you’re looking for. The baby you’ve found, it’s mine. I’m Jenny Finn.” 

While viewers are now aware Lydia grew up in a children’s care home and had a baby when she was young, not a lot else is known about her life before she arrived in Emmerdale. 

But it seems the actress playing Lydia/Jenny has hinted at her character being responsible for the death of the baby. 

During a conversation with Metro.co.uk, Karen spoke about “the secret” and said: “She knows the police will find her eventually. She definitely feels she should be punished.” 

Does this suggest Lydia accidentally killed her child? 

She has carried the shame of this for her whole adult life – there is no hiding from this anymore. This is her day of reckoning.” 

While Lydia is a “good person” she cannot help but realise she did “a terrible thing, “she committed a crime and she thinks she should confess everything and receive the punishment”. 

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“She views herself as a criminal and a bad person.” She added. “She thinks that her baby died because of her.” 

Emmerdale fans will have to wait and see how the storyline unfolds to find out what Lydia/Jenny’s exact involvement was. 

Meanwhile, there is one burning question which needs to be answered; who is the father of the dead baby?

Lydia, or Jenny, fell pregnant at the age of 17 when she was in care, which means there is a possibility the child could have been conceived in unpleasant circumstances. 

Perhaps she was the victim of sexual assault, or maybe she was abandoned by a childhood sweetheart who felt they were not ready to be a parent? 

This is the first time Lydia has been at the forefront of a major storyline since arriving on the soap and Karen discussed this. 

It’s such a sensitive topic and not a run of the mill soap story. I wanted to tell the story truthfully from Lydia’s perspective and with empathy for her,” she began. 

Karen then went onto divulge how Lydia’s behaviour “her cleaning, her need to control, her need to be liked” is a cover for her past decisions, “It’s all going to unravel”. 

As for the outcome of the storyline, it seems Lydia/Jenny could face time behind bars: “She did the crime and she is absolutely wiling to do the time”.  

Since the identity of Jenny Finn was revealed, fans were sent into a frenzy and took to Twitter with their theories regarding the new storyline. 

What really happened to Jenny’s baby?

One said: “#Emmerdale kicks it out of the park… once again… with a brand new, edgy storyline for Lydia Hart with lots of mystery and discoveries. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.” 

“Loving this storyline @karenblick – Lydia has become a fast favourite of mine #Emmerdale,” Another added. 

Someone else questioned: “So now the rumour are Frank Tate is the baby daddy! Did he rape Lydia when she was a kid?? #Emmerdale.” 

“Lydia looked so terrified. Why do I feel like this is something really awful and tragic? #Emmerdale,” a tweet read.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV. 

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