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Emmerdale village reels from car crash as teen left unconscious

May 25, 2023

Emmerdale was full of explosive scenes on Thursday night as a horror car crash left teenager Angelica 'Angel' King unconscious.

During the hour-long episode, Nicola King told Jimmy King that he did the right thing cutting Tom King out of his life pointing out that his anguish over his nephew was now affecting the rest of his family.

But it wasn't long until Nicola was left furious as she realised that Jimmy, whose mind has been on Tom, had forgotten to take their daughter Angel to the dentist despite reminding him that very morning.

Feeling stressed, Nicola, who herself was due at a meeting in 20 minutes, decided to try and make the appointment anyway as she ordered Angel to get in the car quickly.

A flustered and angry Nicola then headed towards the dentist as she continued to rant at her daughter, which resulted in a bicker between the feisty pair.

However, their arguing soon came to an eery halt as a horror car crash took place when Moira Dingle crashed into their car at an unsighted junction on the outskirts of the village.

And despite it looking as though everyone was okay, it was soon revealed that Angel was bloodied and unconscious in the back of Nicola’s crushed car.

Moira and Nicola were left reeling over the discovery as they quickly called an ambulance with Angel later taken to hospital.

And after a worrying wait, Angel finally regained consciousness but there was still a worrying twist in store for the family.

Speaking to doctors, they explained that Angel's leg was severely broken with damage to the arteries in her leg and that she would have to go into surgery immediately to fix it – to see if there was any further damage.

To which a worried Angel said: "Mum?" with Nicola replying: "It's okay, darling, they're going to take really good care of you, safe and sound!" with Jimmy adding she'll be home soon.

However, as Angel was wheeled away to surgery, Nicola and Jimmy shared a look of worry as the episode came to an end.

Will Angel be okay and what will happen to Moira after the crash?

Emmerdale continues Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.


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