• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Emmerdales David in danger as killer Meena returns with evil drugs plan

Sep 29, 2021

Twisted Meena Jutla is back in Emmerdale next week and Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that she is set to cause havoc which will leave her partner David Metcalfe in severe danger.

Now that David is out of hospital following his horrifying gun wound incident, Jacob Gallagher and Priya Sharma are left feeling shocked when they realise that David has been over-exerting himself and ends up collapsing as a result.

In order to keep an eye on him, Priya offers to move in with David to give him a helping hand.

The next day, Meena returns but is startled when she sees some suitcases and a chef’s hat by the front door of David's home.

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Feeling certain that the items belong to Victoria Sugden, Meena prepares herself to throttle her rival.

However, Meena is lost for words when Priya comes outside, disproving her paranoia and leaving her further confused.

Later on, while at the Hide, Carl Holliday fires a cap gun at David, throwing him into a terrifying flashback of the siege that took place a few weeks ago.

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Noticing that David had been caught off guard Victoria tries to help him. The pair then share a brief but tender moment with each other.

But the mood is shattered rather quickly when Meena arrives.

Seeing that the two appeared quite close, Meena forbids Victoria from calling in on David again and Victoria is left feeling unsettled as Meena’s tone turns more possessive and threatening.

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As part of his recovery, David has been prescribed very strong painkillers to help ease the discomfort of his injury.

But Meena, who is clearly planning something sinister, tells David to let her control his medication from now on.

Not so long after, Meena tries her best to trigger David's anxiety as she makes him relive the events of The Hide siege.

Wicked Meena also replaces David’s extra-strength painkillers with paracetamol. She later smiles to herself feeling elated to have him just where she wants him.

But will David notice that his medication has been changed?

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