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Emmerdales Jamie Tate already back in village as fans twig huge Clemmie twist

Sep 29, 2022

Emmerdale fans are sure that Jamie Tate could already be back in the village and determined to ruin his mum Kim’s life before her wedding to Will Taylor.

The man himself became little more than a phantom when he faked his own death and headed off to live with his daughter Millie and mother-in-law Hazel, before tossing Hazel down the stairs and fleeing the country.

Now Millie is back in the village with gran Kim, though it has been a decidedly rocky start – especially since Millie felt ousted by Dawn and Billy’s new foster daughter Clemmie Reed.

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Jamie has so far only contacted Kim through the mail, though one Reddit user has hinted that Clemmie will take on a more “sinister” nature with Jamie skulking around the Dales.

Convinced that Jamie has already returned, the Reddit user theorised that once Clemmie gets more “comfortable” with her new surroundings, she could show her “true colours”.

User AssociationLivid5822 penned: “What if Clemmie does something evil?

“Millie has no idea what Clemmie is doing, but Clemmie frames Millie by planting the evidence on her and saying it was her. But everyone believes Clemmie because Millie lied about Clemmie biting her and this is Clemmie’s revenge.”

They added: “It’s serious and Gabby reluctantly calls the police because she’s scared for Thomas’ safety […] both Clemmie and Millie are taken down for questioning because they are blaming each other.

“Meanwhile, Jamie’s been hiding out somewhere in the village and has put a tracker on Millie so Jamie can track hers and Kim’s whereabouts.

“Jamie follows them to the police station to see what’s going on, and boom, that’s how he comes back,” they further predicted.

The user finished up their theory by predicting that Jamie will get his comeuppance when Clemmie tells the police that he’s the one behind her lies, adding: “They’ll arrest Jamie and take him in for questioning, and everyone believes Clemmie because he’s been spying.”

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Other users quickly headed to the replies section to comment on the detailed theory, with one writing: “You should write for Emmerdale! Time will tell with Clemmie.”

However, someone else pointed out: “Alas I don’t think Jamie is ever coming back, isn’t the actor doing other things?” as another agreed: “Yeah, he just posted an Instagram Story yesterday about filming some fantasy project.”

The theory does hold some merit, however, as Clemmie has repeatedly shown her darker side – leaving some soap fans worried that she could have a hidden darker side.

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.


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