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Eurovision 2022 shock as France gives UK 12 points ‘Merci!’

May 14, 2022

Eurovision: Ukraine award UK's Sam Ryder with 12 points

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As the jury votes from each country were revealed, Sam Ryder found himself at the top of the Eurovision Song Contest leaderboard. Although the UK singer received 12 points from a number of countries, it was the French jury result that shocked both Graham Norton and viewers. 

For their jury vote, France gave Portugal one point, Czech Republic two points, Greece three and the Netherlands four.

Spain received five points, Belgium six, Armenia seven, Poland eight and Ukraine 10 points. 

The representative for France then revealed the UK had received the jury’s greatest amount of points. 

A stunned Graham exclaimed: “Oh come on everybody. Merci beaucoup!”

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Meanwhile viewer @MargotGrmnd tweeted: “I cannot get over France giving 12 points to the UK. What is going on. #Eurovision.”

@VulCaro added: “France jury giving their 12pts to the UK for #Eurovision proves we’re truly in the darkest timeline.”

@mnicholascomic said: “12 points from France and Germany to UK?!? I’m scared……..This is not normal…… I repeat this is so bloody surreal. I’m binge drinking the most British Beer to cope with this #EUROVISION.”

“France, my love, my patrie… Why give 12pts to the UK?? Did you already forget about BREXIT?!? #Eurovision,” @ClemChose exclaimed. 

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@OrlaDoherty wrote: France giving UK douze points. The maddest timeline #Eurovision.”

“What the f**k I thought France & the UK hated each other #Eurovision,” @_buzzkilled questioned. (sic)

At the end of the jury vote, Sam Ryder finished at the top of the leaderboard.

It was then a tense wait to find out whether the viewers’ votes would change Sam’s position. 

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