WHEN Angelina Jolie is interacting with her on-screen children in the new film Come Away it's like watching her with her own brood, pal David Oyelowo claims.

He's known the famous mum, 45, for years and regularly takes his four girls over for play dates with her six kids.

David, 44, is thrilled for fans to get a peek behind the curtain at his close pal as she stars in the new film.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, he said: "I've spent time around Angie and her children in their home and, [being a loving mother] is exactly what, what and who she is. For obvious reasons, it's not necessarily what the world gets to see, but I've seen that firsthand.

"I really relished the prospect of her getting to show that side of herself in a film."

Come Away is a cross over between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan telling how a family collapses from grief.

In the movie Angelina plays Rose Littleton who is mum to Peter and Alice – both played by black actors for the first time.

She's an incredibly good mother

She is seen making hats and cooking dinner for her on-screen family – which isn't far from how she is in real life.

David, who plays Jack Littleton, added: "I had been in her home I've seen her with her children that is who she is, she is there making sandwiches, she is there running around after them and there's six of them, for goodness sake.

"I have four kids she and I would have these playdates with our ten kids just tearing out their house. She's an incredibly good mother.

"You see a side of her in the film that you haven't really seen in movies but I've certainly seen in life and that's why it felt very natural to approach her with the film."

Admittedly, it is only the good parenting scenes that he says are drawn on from real life – but the later scenes when both fail as parents are not.

The pair's long standing friendship made it easy for them to slip into acting like a married couple as the chemistry they needed was already there.

David said: "I think it's easier when it's someone you know because there's a trust there.

"A lot of what you are trying to conjure when you are thrown together with someone who you don't really know is that is a degree of chemistry, a degree of relatability and being believable as people who have known each other for a while.

"Anytime where you don't have to kind of manufacture that, if at all possible, is a good thing and that that was the case with us.

"We've known that we've known each other for years that there was an element of trust there. And so, you know, tends to make those, those things a bit more natural."

There are things that are more important than movies

Hollywood actor David first hit headlines in 2017 playing Martin Luther Jr in Selma and for taking part in the #oscarssowhite campaign.

It means the rise of Black Lives Matter takes a special place in his heart – as does the actors who have championed it.

In particular he feels proud of Star Wars actor John Boyega as David knows the courage it takes to speak up.

He said: "What I really admire about John is that he felt the fear and did it anyway. I think that's his hammer recognising that he has a platform, he has a voice and he has a responsibility to use it.

"I wouldn't say I fear it I wouldn't say I'm scared of it. I just know there is a reality to it – I would say that he's fears are warranted.

"I mean Academy members, saying that we shouldn't be wearing I can't Breathe T-shirts six years ago is indicative of the fact that they feel like we should stay in our lane, they feel like our voices to be used in one way, and one way only 'shut up and tell stories and leave politics to other people'.

"If it is a matter of life and death then you'd only have yourself to blame for not speaking out. I deeply admire John not only for being honest about how the trepidation he was feeling, but doing it anyway.

"I'm also just very heartened by the level of support, he got in the wake of that, because there are plenty of other people who felt the fear, did it anyway, but also paid the price.

"That's a very real thing. But, you know, as I said, there are things that are more important than movies."

  • Come Away is in Cinemas now

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