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First Kills teenage lesbian vampire sex scene splits opinion

Jun 21, 2022

Streaming hit series First Kill has wasted no time in dividing public opinion as its raunchy teen lesbian vampire sex scene at the beginning of its first episode still has people talking since it premiered on Netflix earlier this month.

The drama follows the stories of vampire Juliette Fairmont, played by Sarah Catherine Hook, and vampire hunter Calliope Burns, played by Imani Lewis.

Their narratives become intertwined, quite literally, more or less from the get go, as the two teenage girls almost immediately start French kissing and dry humping against a tree before the audience gets to know them, or before they even really get to know each other.

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By throwing the audience into the deep end of their virgin lesbian sex adventure head first, the producers of the series had viewers questioning the actual premise of the show.

A number of viewers took to social media to ask if teenagers were the actual target audience of the show, with some criticising the lack of a romantic buildup between the two characters before they started romping.

“All these new teen shows with heavy sexual themes. Who exactly is the audience?” asked one angry viewer, to which another responded admitting they had to stop watching First Kill because of the sex scenes.

She said: “At 28 I really can't watch people pretending to be 15-17 being that sexual and not feel icky.”

Another commented: “The sex scenes in First Kill are actually so inappropriate.”

“I’m liking First Kill so far but did they have to make them 16?” questioned one.

Several critics went online to express their belief that the sex scene was a typical example of a show being written and produced with a ‘male gaze’, saying they believed the show had been ‘oversexualised’, but others were not so sure.

Instructing people who criticise First Kill because of its ‘sexual content’ to ‘go and watch Peppa Pig’ instead, one person said: “Women have sex with women, and if you’re saying a certain TV show is for the male gaze only because it has scenes with this type of content, it’s actually offensive.”

Concurring, another said: “Anyone saying (First Kill’s) scenes are for the male gaze is just straight up weird. Lesbians can and do have sex. There’s nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with lesbians enjoying seeing that.”

Meanwhile, rebuking critics who argued the sex scene was ‘rushed’ and unrealistic, one fan of the show tweeted: “Who ever wrote the make-out scenes in First Kill knows what it's like to be a 15 years old and gay.”

Whatever position people were taking on the show, however, few seemed as excited as one viewer to watch the women-loving-women scene.

They said: “A show whose main love story is WLW? And they never cut short lesbian sex scenes? And there’s no emphasis whatsoever on the straight sex scenes? Count me in!”

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