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Five EastEnders spoilers as Janine makes decision about her future

May 2, 2022

TROUBLE is ahead for budding couple Janine Butcher and Mick Carter this week.

Deflated, the EastEnders "super-bitch" makes a big decision about her future in the Square. Get the lowdown on all the drama for this week.

1. Mick makes a sad realisation

Mick Carter (portrayed by Danny Dyer) made an important choice by showing off his romantic connection with Janine (played by Charlie Brooks).

The budding couple made things official with a public kiss – but the chemistry in the sheets isn't quite there.

Coming up, Janine wakes up without Mick by her side, knowing that he is avoiding her.

Worried, she talks about the situation to Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and things get more awkward when she tries to confront Mick about their issues.

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He avoids engaging with the subject but soon admits to an eavesdropping Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) that he can't be intimate with Janine.

Meanwhile, the well-known EastEnders villain has some thoughts about her future in Albert Square.

2. Janine is ready to leave

Janine feels defeated by her setback with Mick and with her upcoming hearing about Scarlett's custody, her insecurities get the best of her.

Moreover, she quickly grows paranoid when Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) tells her about Mick's short-lived affair with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), in 2017.

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Coming up, she tells Billy that if the judge gives her custody of her daughter, she will be leaving Albert Square.

But will she really go through with her plans once again?

Could she really receive custody of her daughter Scarlett?

3. Stacey struggles to cope

After weeks of uncontrollable and erratic behaviour, Jean (played by Gillian Wright) has finally come to terms with her condition.

Her manic episode sent her all the way to Southend alone, as she readied herself to tie the knot with Harvey Monroe and while she still ignored Stacey's (Lacey Turner) numerous warnings.

The cleaner is eventually taken to hospital to get the help she has needed the entire time – but the sudden change is a shock for Stacey.

She first asks her former husband Martin Fowler (James Bye) for support as she plans to tell Lily about what happened to Jean in Southend.

However, Martin is apprehensive and doubts the 11-year-old would be able tot take in such information.

Later on, Jean's boyfriend Harvey (Ross Boatman) expresses his regret about what happened with Jean to Kat and soon lends Stacey a helping hand.

Stacey panics when her car doesn't start, prompting the cabbie to drive her to the hospital and go inside with her upon noticing how nervous she is.

When Stacey is back home, Lily is ready to find out the truth but Stacey sends her off.

She then tells Martin she has changed her mind, believing that protecting Lily is her best option.

But as Stacey and Martin argue, Lily overhears them.

Will Stacey tell her daughter the truth?

4. Tommy disappears

Elsewhere, Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) gets some promising news.

His mother Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) learns that a local football team want to meet with Tommy but she confides in Martin her worries about it going ahead.

This is due to the fact her son was recently involved in a knife incident after he accidentally stabbed a boy called Sid, who continuously bullied him.

Despite this, Martin remains hopeful and encourages Kat to take the meeting with the club but they are soon interrupted by Sam (Kim Medcalf) who tries to eavesdrop.

Although she finds out Tommy is still suspended from school and may not be allowed to return, Kat goes along with Martin's advice and tells Tommy all about the opportunity.

In later scenes, Kat and Tommy meet with the football coach, Collin, but a nosey Sam interrupts.

Kat later confides in Martin again about Tommy and with his support, she opens a letter about Tommy’s police case.

But Sam will make things a lot worse for Tommy.

At The Vic, she overhears Martin telling Nancy and Zack about the knife incident and seeing the coach is sitting close by, she loudly joins in the conversation, making sure Collin can hear her.

Kat is devastated when Collin tells her they can’t have Tommy on the team.

Believing Sam sabotaged everything for her son, Kat confronts her – until she finds out the truth.

She then rages at Martin, Zack and Nancy for ruining Tommy’s chances.

5. Rainie makes a shock discovery

Walford tough man Stuart (portrayed by Ricky Champ) has been reluctant to go through his surgery following his breast cancer diagnosis as he feared he may encounter some new issues with drugs, particularly with prescription painkillers.

Stuart has battled an addictive personality in the past and dreaded that his recovery would involve some heavy painkillers.

But when he seems to be relapsing next week in the BBC One soap, his wife Rainie (Tanya Franks) is at the ready to push him back onto the straight and narrow.

Coming up, while he is still hiding his painkillers from Rainie, Stuart agrees to take Roland to his weigh-in.

However, his addiction is not the only obstacle in his way as Stuart starts to question whether fatherhood is meant for him when he finally holds little Roland.

Meanwhile, in the café, Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) offers to babysit Roland so Rainie has time to go to a hospital appointment with Stuart.

Grateful, Rainie is later able to enjoy some peace and quiet just as Stuart arrives with Roland.

Stuart claims he forgot he has a separate physio appointment but Rainie sees right through his lies and goes on the hunt for the truth.

While doing so, she stumbles upon Stuart's painkillers.

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