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'Gilmore Girls': 3 Times Rory Gilmore Was a Terrible Friend to Paris Geller

Jun 20, 2022

Gilmore Girls character, Paris Geller, has gotten a bad rap. Paris, Rory’s Chilton adversary, turned friend, could be difficult, aggressive, and incredibly abrasive. She was downright rude to her Yale roommates and tyrannical the second she was given a leadership position at the Yale Daily News. Despite her flaws, Paris was a complex person who often was a really good friend to Rory Gilmore. Rory, however, wasn’t always a good friend to her. More often than not, Rory was downright dismissive of Paris. We’ve collected three instances of Rory being a horrible friend to Paris.

Rory Gilmore hated the idea of Paris Geller being her roommate at Yale

Rory had a difficult time acclimating to Chilton’s rigorous environment. She eventually found her footing and earned a spot at Yale because of her time at the prep school. Despite asserting that she and Rory were rivals, Paris greatly helped Rory. Paris pushed Rory to be better. She taught Rory that good grades weren’t enough to get into an Ivy League school and might be partly responsible for Rory getting a spot at Yale.

While Rory and Paris left Chilton on good terms, Rory was pretty awful when she found out she and Paris were going to be roommates their first year at Yale. Sure, Rory was hoping to strike out on her own, but Rory, just like Paris, was never that good at making new friends. She should have been happy to see Paris again. Instead, she acted put off.

Rory denied her friendship with Paris to get in good with the editorial staff at Yale

Rory and Paris did not get off to a good start at Chilton, but by the time they reached Yale, they appeared to have come to an agreement and were close enough friends that they helped each other out. 

After spending time drinking together, Doyle attempted to nuzzle Rory. He appeared to want to kiss her. Rory stopped what was happening and admonished Doyle, but she never told Paris what happened. Paris still deserved to know, no matter how hard it would have been for Rory. To add insult to injury, the incident occurred the night Paris unloaded on Logan Huntzberger for Rory. Rory was a bad friend for not telling her.

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