• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

GMB forced to cut Stephen Mulherns sweet Make a Wish segment ‘So many problems’

Sep 8, 2021

GMB: Stephen Mulhern segment has technical blunder

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Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid were supposed to be joined by TV presenter Stephen Mulhern on Wednesday, however, they had to cut his segment short due to the satellite link being broken. The pair joked the difficulties were because Stephen had caused too much trouble on the show before his Make a Wish segment was set to be broadcast from Hampshire.

The pair saw Stephen early on in the show as he caused havoc whilst Laura Tobin tried to give the weather report.

However, when it was time for Stephen to present his segment on the show, it appeared they were having difficulties with hearing anything he was saying.

Ben explained: “So apparently, despite the fact we did see him earlier, he was definitely up there in Hampshire, Steven Mulhern has caused so many problems that the satellite link has gone down.”

Sean Fletcher added: “I mean, you were saying earlier, last time you had him in the studio, he was pranking around.”.

The cameras cut to where Stephen was in Hampshire with guests joining him to talk about the Make a Wish foundation.

Susanna exclaimed: “We can see him, we can see everybody who was going to be taking part!”

Ben continued: “There was a whole cast of guests who were up there to experience this fabulous make a wish foundation experience that is up there.

“Do we know what is wrong? Is it we can’t hear them is that the issue?”

“Yes,” Susanna confirmed, and Ben added: “Ah, so he can’t hear us, it’s Andi and his talk back again.”

Susanna quipped at Andi Peters: “You see, I think Andi because Stephen had said stop giving away the motor homes, and all of a sudden, I blame you.”

Andi popped up onscreen and pointed to his battery pack, which prompted Ben to ask: “Oh, is it batteries?”

“Seriously, all he needs to do is just need someone to change the batteries, and I find once you put fresh batteries in, everything works,” Andi joked.

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Susanna also added: “The other thing, of course, is if you ring IT, IT will say have you tried switching it off and switching it back on again, and you always get frustrated and then you do it, and it works!”

Laughing at Susanna’s comment, Ben admitted: “One of my favourite ever ways of fixing stuff is a bit of impact maintenance just hit it.”

Shocking Susanna, she interjected: “No, no, no!” but Ben carried on: “It works! That’s what I’ve taught the boys, impact maintenance that will get it working.”

 Susanna apologised to viewers about the difficulties and hoped they would be able to catch up with Stephen and his guests later in the week.

Ben commented: “It’s a really special thing that they’re doing up there for Make a Wish foundation.”

“We’ll make time for it, don’t worry, we’ll switch it off and back on again for you,” Susanna joked.

“Maybe we can get Stephen to record something and get it up on the website so you can see exactly what he was going to do that would be a really lovely thing to do,” Ben said.

Ending the show, Susanna remarked: “We are back tomorrow, we hope,” with Ben adding: “We’ll find the plug.”

GMB airs every morning from 6am on ITV.  
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