• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

GMB row erupts as Adil Ray argues with guest over refugee treatment Never let me answer

Jun 16, 2022

Adil Ray clashes with Quentin Letts over legal asylum routes

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Adil Ray demanded to know why Ukrainian refugees had been treated differently to Afghanistan and Syrian asylum seekers following the halted government plan to relocate several to Rwanda. As he appeared on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, Quentin fumed at Adil for grilling him over the issue without letting him “answer the question”.

The ITV presenter asked: “Why are we all being asked to budge up, empty our spare rooms, and being paid to invite Ukrainian refugees here, of which we’ve only allowed 100,000 to apply, yet for Afghanistans and Syrians, the vast majority can’t apply like Ukrainians?

“And we’re threatening to send them, when they do finally get here, to Rwanda, why is it different?”

“Because Ukrainians, as far as I know, aren’t washing up dead on beaches of Dover,” Quentin replied.

“But that’s my point! They’re not because they’re allowed to apply online,” Adil pointed out.

“So if they didn’t have an online visa system – and some of them are at Calais actually – but most of them, because they’ve got an online visa system, the Afghans do not have an online visa system! It’s different.”

Quentin looked uncomfortable as he stated: “Well, I don’t know if online or not but there are -“

“I’m telling you, it’s not,” Adil cut in. “It’s not the case, why? Why is there a difference?”

Quentin furiously commented: “I mean, you ask me on this programme, you never let me actually answer a question!”


He argued: “There are procedures, perfectly legal procedures for people to come in.

“But what the people using the boats are doing, they’re paying money to scoot around the rules.”

“Because there’s not legal routes…” Adil repeated, to which Quentin responded: “There are legal routes!”

“There aren’t, actually,” Adil insisted before Quentin lost patience.

“I give up,” he raged, looking flustered. “There’s no point!” 

“It’s my job to correct you, Quentin!” Adil remarked, which made the The Times writer more furious.

“It’s not, actually!” he hit back. “You ask me a question, then you don’t let me answer.”

“But you’re missing the point,” Adil replied. “Do you accept, first of all, that there aren’t the legal routes, there isn’t an online system like for Ukrainians?”

“The people on the boats are paying money to people smugglers,” Quentin commented. “To get around the rules!”

Adil once again said: “Because there are no legal routes.”

Quentin sighed and held up his hands as Adil went on: “I mean, you can’t avoid that.”

Quentin yelled: “There’s no point talking to you! Because the four of you are against me, it’s just absolutely pointless.”

“No one’s against you, we’re having a discussion,” Adil responded.

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