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GMBs Kate Garraway tries to cut off Insulate Britain supporter in heated debate

Sep 23, 2021

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Presenter Kate Garraway seemed to show tense frustration towards an insulate Britain supporter who appeared on Good Morning Britain, as she raised her voice at him while he tried to express his views.

Writer George Monbiot joined the presenters on the breakfast show on Thursday via video link to share encouragement towards the protestors who have been causing havoc on the M25 over the last few days.

When asked whether the activists were similar to Winston Churchill and the Suffragettes, George surprisingly agreed.

But just like presenter Richard Madeley who had a shouting match with a protestor on Wednesday, Kate also appeared to be infuriated with George's stance.

She also reminded him that the protests have not worked and has only lead to harsher police punishment and lack of empathy from the public.

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When asked by George what should be done to improve matters, Kate told George some home truths as she informed him that the government have been acting, but in retaliation towards the protestors.

She raised her voice and stated: "The problem is the government has acted George, they've acted haven't they?"

Although she agreed they've not been supporting the home insultation, she slammed the protestors as she reiterated that the government and the police are focusing on the retaliation rather than what the protestors are standing for.

She said: ""They've not acted to support people insulating their homes, they've not acted to make it easier for people to be green, they've acted by having greater powers to prosecute the protestors!"

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Stunned by her remarks, George appeared to go quiet for a few seconds.

He then replied: "They've been pursuing these greater powers since 1986, the powers have been shut down, shut down, shut down to protest all the way and there are less and less protests that we are allowed to do."

With the fiery discussion taking place, viewers at home took to Twitter to air their thoughts on whether the M25 protestors were demonstrating Churchillian spirit.

One GMB wrote: "George Moonbat on #GMB, comparing some unwashed lefties on the M25 to the civil rights movement. These people are completely off the deep end."

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Another said: "In all seriousness, I support the right to protest, hugely in fact, but there is a time and a place and it's not on a motorway."

A third unimpressed viewer penned: "Insulate Britain are nothing like Churchill…."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Somehow i don't think Churchill would be able to dodge the traffic on the m25."

On Wednesday, GMB presenter Richard got into an impassioned debate with insulate Britain protestor.

Liam Norton appeared on the show to express his support for the M25 protestors, but got so frustrated he ended up walking off the show.

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Richard reminded Liam that due to the unlawful opposition displayed from the activists, a woman suffered a stroke on the motorway and couldn't get to the hospital in time.

The broadcaster said: "The woman couldn't get to hospital in time and she is now paralysed, you can not argue that it's not a direct result from your actions.

"How can you possibly justify putting a woman in hospital who can not speak and not move because of what you were doing?

"What would you say to the son if he was standing here right now?" He questioned.

But although Liam apologised he still believed that what he and the protestors have done was excusable and compared his actions to that of Winston Churchill.

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