GOOD Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh took a swipe at Laura Tobin as she made a mess while scoffing ice cream during a live weather report.

The 39-year-old meteorologist was on location at the seaside for today's weather segments, with Ranvir hosting the main show alongside Adil Ray back in the London studio.

And as they cut to Laura towards the end of the show, they were shocked to see her covered in ice cream.

The star then struggled to talk as she tried to eat the treat before it melted, with Ranvir remaining dead-pan as she remarked they'd "interrupted her day off".

Laura looked holiday-ready in a pretty yellow floral sundress and shades to keep the glare away as she stood on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare.

While a clip of her with ice cream melting down her hands and arms from earlier that morning played, Laura told Ranvir and Adil: "The ice cream has been melting, I've been trying to save it but then it melted because I asked for a really big one.

"Now I'm in an absolute mess, and I need my mum to come and clean me up and wipe me down."

She added: "It's delicious though, it's a nice breakfast."

Circling the conversation back to the weather, Ranvir replied: "It goes to show that even at 8.42 in the morning it's actually quite warm!"

There was an awkward pause while Laura chomped on her snack, before ultimately murmuring: "Mmmhmm" in response.

Adil laughed: "In your own time, love, in your own time."

He and Ranvir continued to playfully tease Laura, pointing out that they had Michael Ball waiting for his interview on the breakfast show.

But Adil eventually snapped: "Give us the weather, come on!"

Still eating, Laura said with a visible mouthful of ice cream: "Okay, here it is…"

There was then more silence, with the star saying off-camera: "While I munch on my flake here's a bit of drone action for a couple of seconds…"

Once the weather report was finally given, Ranvir couldn't resist taking a swipe about Laura's work ethic.

She quipped: "It's always annoying when work gets in the way of your leisure time.

"I must apologise to Laura, do get on with your day off – clearly we've interrupted your day off at the beach."

Laura looked sheepish as she continued to battle with her ice cream before the live link came to an end.

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