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Head: ‘Don’t go off-piste!’ James Martin issues warning to ITV viewers over recipe

Aug 21, 2021

James Martin smokes a trout using Yorkshire tea

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James Martin, 49, TV Chef returned to his native home of the Yorkshire Dales for another episode of Islands to Highlands on ITV. Showing viewers how to create a smoked trout that used Yorkshire tea, the chef warned fans who would want to recreate the recipe NOT to use anything other than Yorkshire tea.

He explained: “It’s a beautiful piece of fish, and I thought I would smoke this, but I thought I would tea smoke it in Yorkshire tea, of course.

“So the first thing we do is make our mixture for it, so these are the three ingredients, I’ve got some rice, demerara sugar and Yorkshire tea, and what you want to do is just get a couple of handfuls of rice.”

Showing the viewers how to recreate this dish, James said: “It’s really trial and error this sort of dish really, I always say that its three parts rice, two-part sugar, roughly, and one part tea, you just want the flavour of the tea.

“So just mix that all together, but obviously it’s got to be Yorkshire tea, so don’t start going off-piste using mint flavoured stuff or lemon verbena, Yorkshire tea that’s the key.”

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He went on to explain that he would be creating a “tinfoil teabag” and told viewers to bear with him and the idea.

“Pour your mixture in there, flatten this down, fold this over, and you want like a little tinfoil bag really.

“You don’t want to compress it or fold it over too tight, the reason for that is when it heats up, it’ll create the smoke to tea-smoke our fish.” He added.

After plating up his dish and putting the finishing touches to it, James told the viewers: “This is where I’m going back to my Yorkshire roots as well.

“I like rhubarb with this, so I’m going to put little bits of rhubarb around the plate with a little bit of chervil.

“That’s for you Yorkshire tea-smoked trout, sauce gribiche and rhubarb,” James said as he finished off his dish.

Further, into the episode, viewers also saw James give good friend and multi-award-winning chef Brian Turner, 75, an adventure of a lifetime with some off-roading in a 4×4.

Turning up to meet the professional James Ardron, Brian confessed: “I’m petrified,” before taking to the track.

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Brian ploughed through most of the track with ease until he came to a halt when he got himself, the car and James Ardron stuck on a set of concrete stairs.

“Now, just on the other side of this brow are some concrete steps,” James explained, with Brian joking: “Well, what silly beggar put them there, for goodness sake?!”

Brian had made it down the steps with some comfort, however, it was soon time for Brain to reverse back up the steps, which proved to be easier said than done. 

Helping Brian in the right direction, James guided: “That’s it, and a bit of gas. Push it in, keep it going, keep it going all the way!”

“Hell’s teeth!” Brian exclaimed as he finally made it back at the top and stopped the car to catch his breath and gather his thoughts. 

Having been thrown about inside the car and getting stuck on the track, Brian sulked over to a giggling James Martin before snapping at the TV chef: “I will get you back, James Martin!”

James asked: “What was wrong with it?” 

“Trust me, nothing was wrong with it, it was wonderful,” Brian admitted. “I enjoyed it.”

 Brian then admitted he was left fearing for his safety and, whilst laughing confessed: “There were moments when I doubted I’d be able to tell the story.”

 James Martin’s Islands to Highlands airs every Monday at 8pm on ITV
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