HEIDI Klum is known for throwing an epic Halloween party every year, but sadly the events of 2020 means she can’t have her usual celebrations.

But the 47-year-old didn’t let social distancing and lockdown rules stop her from marking October 31 – and she may have even outdone herself this year.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the German supermodel shared her very own Halloween movie with her 7.6 million followers.

In the five-and-a-half minute clip, Heidi pokes fun at herself whilst also sporting some epic costumes.

Mocking some of the events of 2020, which included supermarkets running out of toilet paper due to people panic buying, the video sees Heidi find a cupboard full of toilet rolls which she claims she purchased in March.

After enjoying a sausage breakfast with her kids, the blonde star decides to dress her children up as mummies using the toilet roll.

However, she has to quickly rush to the restroom after experiencing some weird noises in her stomach and says: "I think I ate a bad sausage."

The clip then cuts to Heidi sitting on the toilet but as she realises she's run out of toilet paper, strange things start occurring.

Unfortunately for Heidi, her children have turned into zombies and appear to be on a mission to catch her.

In true Heidi fashion, the America's Got Talent judge took this as an opportunity to completely transform her appearance and got some of the best make-up artists to help.

In one scene, Heidi blends in with a painting hanging on the wall as she's covered in body paint from head-to-toe.

Another scene sees her in camouflage with her duvet cover – and she almostmanages to fool her zombie kids.

The short movie ends with Heidi waking up on her sofa and sighing a breath of relief as she realises it was all just a bad dream.

But she then finds a piece of toilet paper stuck to her foot as her zombie kids reappear and bundle on top of her for the last time.

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