HOLLY Willoughby couldn't stop laughing as a baby penguin called Squirt was given a gender reveal party live on This Morning.

Holly, 39, was in fits of giggles as the show celebrated with confetti cannons and later an ice cake.

Phillip introduced the segment and told viewers: "Forget everything else, this is what everyone is talking about. Earlier this year Sea Life in Hunstanton welcomed a new baby penguin called Squirt. They are now at the age where his or her gender can be revealed."

Holly dissolved into giggles and said: “Why are they called (Squirt)?”

And Phil said: "We’ll find out in a moment!"

This Morning’s resident vet Dr Scott Miller, live at penguin beach, then appeared on screen and explained why a penguin's gender is not apparent at birth.

He said: "Just as this show couldn’t get any more bonkers, my 22 year experience as a clinical veterinary surgeon is culminating in this very moment, presiding over this gender reveal party! We have got cannons and bunting going on, it is all very exciting.

"Baby Squirt was born in May to parents Conker and Sushi, it is the first time in three years they have had any babies being born here.

"The tricky thing with humboldt penguins is not only that they are an endangered species, so it is incredibly important they are breeding them, but it is impossible to tell a male from a female. Normally as a vet we would just turn an animal upside down and check for simple plumbing…"

Phillip said: “Difficult with a giraffe!”

Dr Scott said: “The difference with these birds is that we need to do it with scientific testing.”

Sea Life penguin keeper Cody Townsend, the first person to discover Squirt, added: “I am so excited. This is so much fun. Lockdown has been a bit doom and gloom and we have had this little chick with us. We have had to keep it secret for so long and we just want everyone to get some enjoyment through lockdown and spread a bit of happiness."

On why the penguin's name was Squirt, Cody said: “As you can imagine, the name means one thing – when we weigh the baby penguin we pick them up and it would always squirt poo on to us. It still does it to this day!”

Counting down to the reveal, the confetti cannons revealed Squit was a girl – with pink confetti!

Holly said: “It’s a girl, that’s what we wanted!”

Meet Squirt the baby penguin at Sea Life Hunstanton, tickets can be booked online at www.visitsealife.com/hunstanton.

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