Never Have I Ever season two trailer from Netflix

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Never Have I Ever introduces fans to many different themes and difficult subjects for its characters. One of the most important pieces of backstory in the show is the death of Devi’s (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) dad (Sendhil Ramamurthy). But how does her dad die in the Netflix series?

How did Devi’s dad die in Never Have I Ever?

Despite Never Have I Ever being a romantic comedy, the show isn’t afraid to tackle some darker subjects.

One of the most important pieces of backstory for Devi is the fate of her father, who passed away before the events of the show.

For fans now watching season two, they may have forgotten what exactly happened to him, despite the fact he is frequently mentioned.

The explanation for his death came way back in the pilot episode of season one, which revealed the tragic fate of the character.

During episode one, it is explained how Mohan, Devi’s dad, suffered from a fatal heart attack, which is shown through the use of flashbacks.

The moment came during Devi’s orchestra recital, which caused her to have a breakdown and lose sensation in her legs and collapse. 

However, his death is first revealed through narration, with John McEnroe narrating the Netflix series.

Mohan is shown in a picture frame, with the narration simply stating: “He died.”

The character is still shown through flashbacks and is continually referenced throughout the series, showing the impact his death had on Devi.

Star Ramamurthy has appeared in 10 episodes across the two seasons and fans should recognise the actor behind the character.

Ramamurthy has starred in numerous TV shows, including Cleopatra in Space, The Flash, and New Amsterdam.

The actor got his first big break in Heroes, where he starred as Mohinder Suresh between 2006 and 2010.

Currently, Netflix has not renewed the series for a third season but with the show remaining near the top of the most-watched charts, a renewal is likely.

Season three would likely continue to explore the character of Mohan, showing more of Devi’s backstory.

The show is produced by The Office star Mindy Kaling, with the series being inspired by her own childhood growing up in the United States.

Speaking to, the star said: “Like a lot of comedy writers, I think of my adolescence and childhood as incredibly embarrassing,

“I thought it would honestly be too painful and embarrassing to relive those experiences.”

Fans have been sharing their love for the series on social media, with many of them taking to Twitter after the release of season two.

One fan said: “Never Have I Ever ending on an absolute banger of a Kylie song was good!”

Another fan added: “Watching Never Have I Ever and getting second-hand embarrassment.”

“I only watch Never Have I Ever because Devi is so beautiful and I’m in love,” commented a third.

Never Have I Ever is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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