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How Jenelle Evans Will Use Her 'Teen Mom 2' Fame to Make Money After Being Fired

Jul 9, 2019

Jenelle Evans won’t be on Teen Mom 2 anymore. Some fans are wondering what she’ll do for money next. The mother revealed her next moves. Will that include another reality show? Here is her answer and more about her journey after reality TV.

Jenelle Evans was reportedly making $400,000 from Teen Mom 2


The reality star first appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2010. She then returned to the franchise through Teen Mom 2 in 2011 and stayed on the show until recently. 

Her salary from the show was revealed in court documents. She reportedly made $400,000 in 2018 from the show.

Evans’ real life drama was part of the reason she stayed on the show. However, it’s what eventually got her fired from it along with her husband.

She was fired after David Eason allegedly shot her dog

There were reports that Eason shot and killed his wife’s dog, Nugget. He later addressed it on Instagram saying he’ll defend his family “whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog.” MTV reacted to the situation after a lot of backlash.

“MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since,” an MTV spokesperson told Us Weekly. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

Sources later claimed that Evans was surprised by the announcement. “Jenelle was shocked and is really upset,” a source told Us Weekly. “The decision was given to her suddenly after a lot of back and forth with MTV.”

Eason previously was fired from the show after he went on a homophobic rant on Twitter. After Evans was fired, the couple went through a custody battle because they temporarily lost custody of their kids. Now they have regained custody they can look forward to other opportunities.

Evans said she might write another book and relaunch her makeup line

Evans won’t be on Teen Mom 2 anymore and her fans wondered what she will do next to make money. One asked during a Q&A “What’s your next move financially without teen mom?” She answered according to Pop Culture, “Makeup kit launch, possibly another book, and other opportunities that I can’t mention at the moment.”

The reality star previously wrote Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom. She wrote about her childhood, her past romantic relationship, and how she first started using drugs. Her husband already proposed to her so she wrote about how he prepared for the big moment.

The reality star previously announced that she was planning to release makeup, JE Cosmetics. TMZ recently reported that she’s in talks with several cosmetic suppliers relaunch the brand. This launch is reportedly set for Sept. 7.

It doesn’t seem like another show is in the cards for Evans in the future. There was previously a rumor that she was in talks to join Marriage Boot Camp with her husband, which was later denied.

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