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Inbetweeners star James Buckley doesn’t want to leave the house as his celeb status has left him ‘anxious’

Jun 28, 2019

INBETWEENERS star James Buckley worries that he's becoming a recluse because he struggles to cope with fame.

The actor admits he finds it difficult to leave the house, and is concerned about the impact showbiz has had on his mental health.

And he wants to disappear from the public eye – because his celebrity status makes him "anxious".

James, 31, told the Daily Star that he "really, really" struggles with the limelight after playing Jay Cartwright on the hit E4 sitcom.

He added: "I think I’m getting closer and closer to never leaving my house again.

“If someone said to me: ‘I would really like to be famous,’ I would say to them: ‘You really don’t.’


“Because I’m struggling with it and I’m not even that famous.

“I’m not anywhere near Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or someone like that and I really, really struggle with it.

"It’s something I find really difficult."

His confession comes just months after James revealed his sadness at the public backlash against The Inbetweeners reunion special.


He admitted he felt "pretty hated" – and vowed not to take part in any more Inbetweeners episodes.

Meanwhile, we told how comedian James is battling diminishing eyesight – because he has skin-eating bugs in his eyes.

His eyesight has become blurred as a result of the demodex mites.

James told The Sun: "I went to the opticians because my eyes are failing, one eye is going bad. I haven't been to the opticians for 21 years.

"The news that I got – which was worse than I could have ever imagined – was that I was told another reason why my eyes might be blurred is, 'That you've got a mite in both of your eyes'.

"The optician saw my face straight away as he said it and went, 'It's not as uncommon as you think, loads of people have it'."

He has to use prescription wipes on his eyes every day for a month to get rid of the mites.

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