• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Indiana Jones filming in peril again after norovirus outbreak

Sep 13, 2021

FILMING of the latest Indiana Jones blockbuster is in peril yet again after a norovirus outbreak.

Up to 50 people have been sent home from Pinewood Studios after the winter vomiting bug spread across the site.

It comes only days after star Harrison Ford, 79, returned after three months following surgery on a shoulder injury sustained rehearsing a stunt.

The outbreak has also affected the filming of the next Ant-Man movie at the site in Bucks.

A source said: “The crew have been dropping like flies.

"There’s also a lot off with Covid, so it’s been a double whammy.

“Two films have been affected.

"Over 50 people have been struck down, but luckily that doesn’t include the big stars.”

Latest figures show norovirus outbreaks were almost three times higher than average in July.

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