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Jeremy Clarksons Range Rover covered in tonnes of compost by farm protestors

Sep 30, 2021

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Jeremy Clarkson's Range Rover had been at the centre of what appeared to be backlash from farm protestors.

The 61-year-old Grand Tour star, seemed to come up against critics after expansion plans for Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire had surfaced.

The pictures that were obtained by the Daily Mail show what seemed to be Jeremy's car completely covered in some sort of fertiliser.

According to an onlooker, the substance was in fact three tons worth of "mushroom compost".

The alleged vandalism comes after Jeremy hit out climate change activists who had blocked the M25, calling them "beardy people in crocs with smelly armpits."

The former Top Gear presenter was believed to be present at the time of the incident.

In other images, a brief glimpse of a police car could also be seen on site at the TV star's farm.

Clarkson's farm shop had also been subject to graffiti, with a banner being shown in clear eye shot which read: "Save Our Turf, Save The Earth".

The same publication reported that a source had confirmed that three tonnes of mushroom compost had been dumped onto the vehicle.

The same person commented: "I actually felt sorry for Clarkson, I don't think he deserved that."

Back in 2008, Jeremy purchased the country estate but took a back seat from the day-to-day logistics and instead employing staff to keep it all in tip top shape in his absence.

However, during lockdown the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host had a change of heart and took to the helm to transform the property after his main farming manger had retired.

As a result, The Amazon Prime show Clarkson's Farm was born which aims to follow the presenters journey as he comes to terms with the practices of agriculture.

In recent times the Diddly Squat Farm Shop has been flooded with fans neighbouring fans which lead to complaints from locals over increased traffic in the area.

Further upset was to come from angry natives after Jeremy unveiled plan to convert an old lambing shed on his property into a restaurant.

Speaking about the upheaval, he explained in his Sunday Times column, that the idea had "gone down like a shower of sick with a few red-trouser people in my local village".

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