Jim Carrey revived an iconic line from Ace Ventura to declare Donald Trump a loser on SNL. 

The comedian has been playing now President-Elect Joe Biden on the satirical sketch show for the past two months, joined by Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris. 

As news broke on Saturday that Biden had won the 2020 race to the White House, the team had hours to prepare a new sketch regarding the news – and Jim had the best card to play. 

Recreating the victory speech, ‘Harris’ and ‘Biden’ reunited on the stage once again, with Jim and Maya beaming as they took on their own twist versions of the pair. 

Maya was seen getting emotional as she announced Vice President-Elect Harris as the first female, first Black, first Indian-American and first biracial Vice President. 

‘And if any of that terrifies you… well, I don’t give a funt!,’ she declared, throwing back to Harris’s fun aunt (funt) status on the series. 

‘Also my husband will be the first Second gentleman and he’s Jewish,’ she added. ‘So between us we check more boxes than a disqualified ballot!’ 

‘Tonight we’re not going to stand here and gloat,’ Jim’s Biden continued. ‘We’re not rubbing our victory in everyone’s face… we’re humbly accepting this victory…’ 

The pair then danced to ‘Lose Your Job’ by Imarkkeyz feat DJ Suede. 

But the best moment came at the end, with Jim moving from Biden to 90s iconic character Ace Ventura, who became known for calling people a ‘looooser’.

‘Unfortunately, there are situations in life, and this is one of them, where there must be a winner, and a looooooooser,’ a beamed. 


Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede and backing and forthing between whether people should or shouldn’t count the votes. 

He then confused the results map with one of the Covid spread across the US, declaring the entire country a ‘red wave’. 

In a throwback to 2016, Trump then played the piano sadly, like Kate McKinnon’s version of Hilary Clinton did in the episode following the results announcement. 

Except, instead of a gloomy version of Hallelujah, for Trump’s version, he performed a sad version of Macho Man.

Saturday Night Live airs weekly on NBC in the US.

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