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Kate Garraway shares health update on very weak husband Derek Draper

Jan 4, 2022

Kate Garraway has shared an update on her husband Derek Draper’s health condition as he continues to live with and battle the aftereffects of contracting COVID-19.

Derek, who was one of the first UK celebrities to get the virus back in March 2020, suffered enormously and was put in an induced coma for months as his body was hit badly by the coronavirus.

He then contracted pneumonia and suffered further complications, but thankfully Derek finally came home to his family nearly a year later.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing ever since, and 54 year old Kate is set to shed light on the reality of her new life caring for her husband in the second part of her Finding Derek documentary.

But despite that, Derek continues to recover and the Good Morning Britain presenter revealed that the family even managed a trip to the pantomime all together over Christmas.

Reflecting on her husband's current condition and how he's been coping over the Christmas period, Kate said: "He's doing alright, you know?

"He is phenomenally fatigued at the moment, he's going through a period of feeling very fatigued and very weak.

"And actually the trip to the pantomime, he was then not out of bed for [a long time] afterwards," the presenter continued.

"But we thought it was worth it and I think he did – well I know he did – too.

"It was a special thing to be sitting there with the children, holding their hands, doing something normal.

"But it took everything out of him and we don't quite know what this year is going to bring," the star added

But you're right, look, he's there looking smiley and present."

During her chat, Kate also joked that their son Billy, 12, warned his dad not to shave his beard before Christmas.

The TV host revealed that her youngster was so excited Derek's beard was going "so grey" because he thought it made him look like Santa Claus.

Kate also addressed the recent backlash surrounding her MBE after she was given the honour in the New Year's Day list for her important and groundbreaking work into showing the realities of the coronavirus on her documentary, which also won the NTA last year.

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