KATHERINE Ryan revealed she took castor oil to speed up the birth of her second baby.

The comedian, 37, recently welcomed her son Frederick after using the alternative method to bring on her labour.

While it's not recommended to use during pregnancy, Katherine tried a small amount to avoid being induced.

Speaking on her podcast Telling Everybody Everything, she said: "This is controversial. You know I make a lot of statements on the podcast that are not meant to be taken as medical advice or endorsements. I am a clown. I do not pretend to know what's best for you and your family.

"You can get it anywhere, but you shouldn't, because its not recommended for pregnancy. You take a table spoon of it mix that into a smoothie and it irritates your intestine basically, so it makes you s**t yourself,allegedly and that can make your uterus muscles contract.

"It's the same psychology as people who go have a curry, have spicy food. That stuff doesn't work for me. I love spicy food."

She explained that taking the oil before the due date poses a risk of it being absorbed into the baby's system, causing it to poo in the womb.

However, Katherine made the personal decision to go ahead with it, and just hours after mixing less than a teaspoon with a glass of lemonade, her contractions began.

Frederick was born healthy inside the exclusive Lindo Wing in London.

Taking to his Instagram page, the new dad announced: "Our son Frederick Ryan Kootstra, born June 13th:)

"Mom has the reproductive organs of a finely tuned Sportscar, and in a flash raced this baby over the line just in time for kickoff #nedvsukr

"She’s a total hero❤️ 3 hours start to finish 🏁👶🏼 #bestday"

In the first photo, Bobby held little Frederick in a baby carrier as he and Katherine posed on the steps of the hospital – the same one in which Kate Middleton delivered her children.

A second photo showed Katherine laying in her hospital bed with her son beside her, and the third pic was of Bobby gazing adoringly at Frederick, who is swaddled in a cream blanket.

Bobby also posted a video panning around the hospital room before zooming in on the bundle of joy laying on the bed, an "It's A Boy" sign resting across his stomach.

Meanwhile, Katherine shared some images from her son's birth to her Instagram Story, including a candid snap of Bobby cuddling Frederick while watching yesterday's England football match.

She also acknowledged her oldest child, posting a photo of herself with her arm around 11-year-old Violet outside the Lindo Wing the day before she gave birth.

Katherine wrote: "Always my day one".

Last month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Katherine was pregnant after she debuted her huge bump in front of cheering fans at a live podcast recording in London.

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