KATIE Price has been slammed for looking like a waxwork model in her latest Instagram post by cruel trolls.

The 41-year-old shared a picture of herself with a full face of make-up, telling fans she was “feeling good” after getting a facelift.

She wrote: “Just genuinely want to say thank you to @zoejamesmua for doing my make up for races today !

“And no this isn’t a post in exchange for free makeup I paid ! Just felt good today.”

Her followers weren’t so sure about her look though and commented with a series of nasty messages.

One person wrote: “She looks like a wax works doll.”

Another added: “Love you as a mummy but you are gonna look like that Ken doll man soon. You dont need surgery anymore. Sad to see. Sorry x.”



“Genuinely thought that was a waxwork!!,” wrote someone else.

As someone else remarked: “I thought it was wax ! Katie what you doing ?”

Katie underwent a facelift and bumlift in Turkey in May and is already planning on getting more.

She told radio show FLEX FM: "I am, back to Turkey! 'What's she gonna have done?'

"If I got arrested a lot of times, my mug shot, bloody hell, what are they going to do with it? I look different in every single one.

"But that's me, the ever changing Pricey, I'm a chameleon. Speaking of Chameleon, I think we should play that song."

Katie recently admitted that she will "never stop" having plastic surgery, insisting that she is on a mission to be "perfect" – despite complaining complaining about looking like a "bloated alien" post-surgery in her reality show My Crazy Life.

She also horrified her toyboy lover Kris Boyson by asking him to empty her POTTY as she struggled to recover from her various procedures.

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