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Katie Price unveils results of new face on GMB after painful cosmetic surgery

Jul 9, 2021

Katie Price appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday to unveil the results of her latest surgery.

The glamorous star, 43, recently travelled to Turkey to undergo full-body liposuction, and was keen to show off her progress with Kate Garraway and Alastair Campbell during the latest episode of the ITV breakfast show.

Mother-of-five Katie is known for being candid about her plastic surgery, and shared painful looking snaps that were taken after the procedure earlier this week.

She said herself that she looked like a "monster" in the hours following the intense op, as her swelling and puffiness was so bad.

  • Katie Price fears she looks like a 'monster' as she unveils shocking op results

Speaking about why she decided to go under the knife, Katie said: "I broke both my feet last year and before that I liked going running.

"However from being in the wheelchair for eight months I put on lots of weight which isn't like me.

"I took my hair extensions out and I just started noticing things.

"People got to remember i'm 43. I've had five kids. It's like a car. You have an MOT and if you have a scratch or a dent you fix it."

  • Katie Price rejected blood transfusion after painful cosmetic surgery in Turkey

When questioned why she had full body liposuction, Katie said: "I tried healthy eating and it just wasn't eating.

"I've had full body lipo and I had some of my own fat put in my bum."

Moving on to her face, Katie revealed she had a lip lift as she doesn't want to look like "a duck" with lip filler.

Katie went under the knife for multiple procedures last month.

Her surgery included full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, lipo under her chin, and she also had fat injected into her bum for a shapelier backside.

In her typically open way, Katie filmed the entire thing for her YouTube channel so fans don’t miss out on any of it.

She revealed she refused a blood transfusion after the surgery due to her fear of catching Covid.

After seeing her swollen, bandaged face, Katie exclaimed : “What the f*** have I done?”

Speaking about the surgery previously, Katie said: "every day I'd look at myself and just think, ‘Jesus Christ, I let myself go’."

She added: "I want people to know why I’ve done what I’ve done.”

“It’s not because I’m unhappy, I’ve never been happier — I’m in a loving relationship. But I just want the old me back.”

She said that she wanted "everything fixed before our wedding,”

Fiancé Carl Woods tried to discourage Katie, telling her "I love you how you are" and that he "wouldn't be marrying you otherwise."

He apparently told her: "So if you want it done, have it done but I don’t want any more moaning about your looks after!"

Katie said Carl was: "upset as I looked completely helpless."

After the surgery weeks ago, Katie admitted: "I can’t see a difference yet as everything is still so swollen but I had my hair extensions done there too and now I’m feeling like the old Katie."

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