• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Kerry Katona reveals she's been diagnosed with arthritis and needs back surgery after 13 years of suffering

Sep 29, 2021

KERRY Katona has revealed she's been diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulder and needs surgery on a protruding disc in her back.

The singer and TV star, 41, has been in agony for years with chronic pain and is delighted to finally find out what is wrong.

She said on Instagram tonight: "For those of you who know all about the pain and agony I’ve been in for years with my back and shoulders.

"I’m so excited to of actually being diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and a protruding disc in my back which can be operated on!!

"I know I must sound like a weirdo but to have been in pain for all of these years without a diagnosis has been horrendous and I am over the moon.

"Thank you soooo much Dr tang @pallmallmedical you have no idea how much this has changed my life!!!!"

Kerry said her troubles began 13 years ago following the birth of her son Maxwell. For the past eight years she has been on the "strongest pain killers" but it only masked her suffering.

Now she has a smile on her face knowing that all being well she will soon be pain-free.

Kerry has had a number of health issues over the years. In 2017 she needed an injection for her "trigger finger".

The painful condition affects the hand’s tendons and makes it difficult to bend, with symptoms including pain at the base of fingers of thumbs, stiffness and clicking.

While earlier this year she was hospitalised after suffering a severe allergic reaction that "left her looking like Quasimodo".

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