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'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Gave Details on Her Most Horrific Childhood Bullying Experience

Jul 7, 2019

We’ve been watching Matt and Amy Roloff navigate life with their four kids and Roloff Farms business for over a decade, but this past season of Little People, Big World had us seeing Amy in an entirely new light. Amy and Matt have been divorced for years, and the famous mom is still dealing with the emotional weight of the split. Not only did Amy explain to the cameras how much the divorce affected her, but she also came forward with some scathing accusations against Matt in her new memoir, A Little Me.

Her relationship with Matt aside, Amy also shared some harsh truths about growing up with dwarfism. Here’s what she wrote about being bullied as a kid in her memoir.

Amy Roloff has talked about her difficult childhood on Little People, Big World

While Amy has frequently discussed what life’s been like post-divorce, LPBW viewers rarely got a glimpse into what her childhood was like. But since dating her boyfriend, Chris Marek, she’s opened up to him and the cameras about a few really tough experiences she had growing up. In this clip shared by TLC, Amy talked with her brother about being bullied as a kid — and it brought out a lot of emotions for Amy.

“Things from your childhood can affect you for the rest of your life,” Amy told the cameras. “And I know it’s affected me for a long, long time, allowing other peoples’ opinions and thoughts matter more than what I truly thought about myself.” And it wasn’t just other bullies who bothered Amy when she was a little girl, either. Amy’s brother admitted to bullying her when he started to surpass her in height, too, which surely was difficult.

She gives even more details about being bullied in her memoir, A Little Me


While Amy mentions one childhood bully in the TLC clip, she goes into even more detail about the boy who ridiculed her in A Little Me. She explained that when she was in junior high school, an older student “taunted” her “on and off for months.” Amy went into detail regarding how the boy would follow her and use language that was “cruder, meaner, and sexual in nature” to scare her as she walked home from school — and the boy ended up following Amy right into the driveway of her home. “Terrified, I ran in the house and told my brother,” Amy wrote.

Thankfully, her brother stood up for Amy — but the bully didn’t go down without a literal fight. “They started to fight, punching each other in our driveway,” Amy described. And after her brother threw a punch, the bully ran off. “My brother had a bloody nose and was hurting, but he was okay. Afterward, whenever I walked home from school, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was following me, but no one ever was. I never was bothered by or saw that boy again.”

Zach Roloff never experienced the horrific bullying Amy did


Zach has achondroplasia like Amy — and while he’s certainly experienced difficulties related to his dwarfism, he notes in the TLC clip that he never dealt with the same level of bullying that his mother did. As Zach said to the LPBW cameras, “I’ve never dealt with anything like that. … It wasn’t like I showed up to school every day and the same kid was there ready to go.” And he also added that having Roloff Farms served as the perfect escape for him during hardship. “You’re getting away from the town, you’re getting away from the city. You have space to breathe,” he added.

Zach hopes to give his son, Jackson, the same opportunities he’s had as well. Jackson also has achondroplasia, and while Zach knows his son’s life may be more difficult than average, he’s ready to help Jackson every step of the way. As Zach explained, “whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it.”

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