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Loose Women clash as Janet Street-Porter blasts Judi Love for looking down on her

Jan 19, 2022

Loose Women: Janet and Brenda disagree on dress codes

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The Loose Women hosts were discussing the subject of “dressing up” for dinner. As Janet, 75, recalled an occasion where colleague Brenda Edwards, 52, turned up to an event dressed to the nines while she sported a more casual look, Judi chimed in to give her view. As she did, the ITV show turned awkward as Janet joked Brenda was “looking down” on her over her style choice.

As the women debated the topic, Janet recounted a story about Brenda.

She explained: “Can I just say, before we went to the theatre last year, when we were allowed back to the theatre, Brenda and I went to Anything Goes, and I said I would meet her in the pub near the Barbican, where it was on, for a quick bite beforehand.

“I wore, in my recollect, jeans – alright, designer jeans, a sweater and a puffer jacket.

“Brenda burst into the pub in a sequin-incrusted jumpsuit, and the whole placed gawped.”

Weighing in on the subject, Judi added: “I grew up going to a Pentecostal Church – it was about your Sunday best.

“So a lot of us grew up with our Sunday best.

“So I always grew up with going out clothes and clothes that you’re just going shopping with-“

“Exactly,” Brenda agreed as Janet took aim at her co-stars: “Yeah, I know you’re looking down on me.”

Judi, who took part in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing alongside Graziano Di Prima, recently opened up in a candid social media post about struggling during lockdown.

The comedian, 41, spoke about juggling her presenting responsibilities with caring for her loved ones while working from home.

She warned her followers that you “never know what’s really happening” behind social media posts.

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Posting a selfie, the mother-of-two penned an honest caption.

Judi wrote: “It’s a pleasure sharing and interacting with my followers online, and many of you see bits of my life through my videos and pictures on my socials and other platforms.

“But we never know what’s really happening behind a screen,” she warned her followers.

She continued: “In this photo, I had to film a show from home due to lockdown and I’d had a long day sorting out my dad’s care.

“I was tired but so looking forward to working, mainly because it would be a distraction and a chance to just interact with someone.”

Judi has been a part of the Loose Women team since 2011.

She remains a regular on the series, in which the team discuss current affairs, celebrities and the latest big debates.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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