LOOSE Women's Nadia Sawalha opened up about her marriage crisis on today's show.

She explained that counselling saved her relationship with Mark Adderley after the pair could not stop bickering.

The pair, who have been married for 19 years, have seen three counsellors in total and said being proactive helped them to unblock their issues.

She said: "Being in an unhappy marriage effects everything and effects everyone else around you.

"We wouldn’t still be together if we hadn’t gone to a marriage counsellor."

The mum-of-two said the couple were blessed to be able to afford the sessions and is thankful her teen children didn't have to witness their parents separating.

She said: "It would have been a very different life for them if we’d broken up."

Earlier this month Nadia said she feared she would DIE in her "miserable" marriage before turning it around.

Celebrating 19 years with Mark, the 56-year-old TV personality detailed how the couple went through a "whole heap of hell" before finding happiness.

Alongside a series of sweet snaps of herself with hubby and producer Mark, 51, the star detailed the highs and lows of their relationship.

"Nineteen years married today," she captioned the snaps, which began with a recent selfie of the pair cuddling up in their kitchen.

"We almost didn’t make it. Too often when people post about their relationships on here it can all be a bit hearts and flowers and that can be so damn intimidating and depressing for those that might be struggling with their own relationship," Nadia went on.

Before detailing some of the tougher times, she prefaced that she and Mark were "always going to be together" as they "crashed into each other".

However, Nadia went on to detail how they toyed with their lies "lying in the road" and drinking to excess in their "f***ing miserable" first few months of marriage.

"At the time, we were both so unhappy for very different reasons," the TV chef added. "We were self medicating our feelings with bottles of booze and crazy behaviours.

"It’s a miracle we didn’t both snuff it in those first few months (we used to lie in the road blind drunk to ‘see what would happen' FFS)

"The first few years of our marriage were really really tough . If I’m honest we were f***ing miserable a lot of the time.

"Eventually after a whole heap of hell we came to the realisation that we were going have to get on with the graft of making it work, because actually we loved each other and would have been as miserable as sin if we’d broken up."

Nadia explained that the coupled had to "work their a**** off to keep the relationship alive and fizzing" and make a "conscious effort".

Their turnaround involved "couples counselling, saying when we've wanted to leave and listening when we've not wanted to".

Noting that she feels "effort" is the only way to keep a relationship ticking, she concluded the list: "Compromising when we'd rather have died!"

"And here we are, 19 years on off the back of a very challenging, frightening few weeks," she added. "And I love Mark more than I ever have."

The Loose Women star gushed over her "gorgeous" hubby who she thanked for being a "fabulous father" to their two daughters, Maddy 18, and Kiki, 13.

"The most supportive loving husband, so smart, talented and bonkers," she concluded the post. "My life would have been a car crash without you.

"Everyone thinks I saved you, but we saved each other my darling. Love you till the day I die. Thank you… for being exactly the way you are."

She joked at the bottom of the emotional post alongside a love heart emoji: "I wouldn't change a thing. Except the farting… maybe."

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