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Brian Friedman distracted viewers during his appearance on Friday’s Lorraine when he appeared on the show to discuss his friend Britney Spears’ conservatorship.

This is the first time the choreographer, 43, has spoken out on the singer’s conservatorship, which was appointed in 2008, giving her dad control of her personal and business affairs.

The thought-provoking interview had everyone at home hooked, however, a few viewers couldn’t help but exclaim over Brian’s youthful good looks.

Brian is known for choreographing routines for some of the biggest names in music, from Cher and Beyoncé Knowles to Mariah Carey.

Fans of The X Factor will also remember his time on the show, temporarily replacing Louis Walsh as a judge and later becoming the series’ creative director.

Though in his early 40s, some fans suggested he was "ageing in reverse," as they took to Twitter to wonder what his secret could be.

One viewer wrote: "Brian Friedman has the most beautiful face #lorraine."

"How is it possible Brian Friedman is getting younger as he gets older," added a second.

And a third weighed in: "Brian Friedman is ageing in reverse."

During the interview, Brian spoke out about his friendship with Britney, having first worked alongside the Gimme More hitmaker in the late 90s.

However, Brian admitted he hasn’t spent much alone time with the singer in recent years, saying: "I haven’t been in a room alone with her since the early 2000s.

"It's virtually impossible [to get in contact with her] and we’ve worked together since. There’s always someone around and you don’t really get to have that intimate, personal friend time, like we used to."

He added: "She deserves that. She deserves to make her decisions for her personal life."

Earlier this week, it was revealed Britney requested to speak about her conservatorship in court, with the date set for June 23.

Brian added the court date was an opportunity for Britney to "speak her truth," adding: "She wants to have her voice be heard. I think that’s the best thing for everyone."

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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