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Love Island fans horrified as Tommy pours a can of coke down his pants

Jul 18, 2019

LOVE Island viewers have been left horrified after Tommy Fury poured a can of coke down his boxers in tonight's episode.

The boxer performed the bizarre stunt during a sexy builders competition with the rest of the islanders but while the rest of them drank the coke, Tommy decided to coat his privates in the fizzy liquid.

Tasked with performing the sexiest stripping builder routine, Tommy's novel approach went down with mostly horror and confusion among fans and his girlfriend Molly-Mae.

One wrote: "Tommy just put coke down his pants? I’m so disgusted. #loveisland"

A second said: "Coke on your willy? Tommy you little weirdo #LoveIsland"

Another added: "Top move Tommy to pour coke down the pants. Sure the ants will have a field day there @LoveIsland #loveisland #loveislandcast"

A fourth commented: "Is Tommy deluded putting Coke down his pants not sexy whatsoever Jesus #loveisland"

Another tweeted: "Why did Tommy put coke in his pants? #LoveIsland"

A sixth also asked: "Why did Tommy pour coke down his boxers #LoveIsland"

Meanwhile confusion was the name of the game in the villa tonight as Michael and Amber enjoyed a passionate snog after all the drama that happened between them.

He declared that he still has feelings for Amber Gill, despite his recent poor behaviour and choice of Joanna Chimondes.

He said: "I actually do like Amber. I can only apologise about how I was over the past few weeks.

"This is kind of like massive to me, because I'm a proud guy."

It left viewers and returning Anton confused with viewers taking to Twitter to slam the scientist for his bizarre behaviour.

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