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Love Island has gone from hero to deadbeat zero by committing the biggest sin

Jan 22, 2020

It might be hot winter sunshine in South Africa at the moment but, unfortunately for Love Island, the damp, dreary and downright dull weather in the UK is a more accurate depiction of this year's series so far.

The first three days were unintentionally summed up during one of last week's mind-numbingly boring episodes as an argument was about to erupt – only to fizzle out into silence as the Islanders ran out of things to say.

The few stars who do happen to have a spark are struggling to keep it going with their other dead-eyed co-stars. Paige's quick-witted quips and snarky comments are already proving that she has a bit of a personality while Nas is cementing his place as the unlucky-in-love villa sweetheart.

However this year's twin gimmick combined with Love Island's attempt to copy past successful Islanders (hello pen- I mean, coffee bean salesman Connor) has clearly not worked. Inviting an accused trophy hunter who subsequently quit in record time, apparently because he "still loves his girlfriend", to become an Islander wasn't exactly the brightest idea either.

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Blonde twins Eve and Jess were a particularly annoying factor during the first week. After all, there were only so many times you could watch Eve and Jess' lip and/or teeth licking before grinding your teeth into oblivion.

This year's crop feel distinctly like Casa Amor rejects rather than original Islanders. 

Sadly for Love Island, the issues don't stop at the contestants. According to the BBC, 800,000 fewer people tuned in to watch the launch in comparison to the last summer series – and it didn't help that ITVHub crashed just seconds into the show.

To be fair to the ITV2 show, a recent press release announced that Love Island is the most watched show of the year among young people across all channels. But when you consider that 2020 is, so far, comprised of 22 days out of 366, it is decidedly less impressive.

Poor new host Laura Whitmore will be feeling some serious deja vu after her last winter dating show, 2018's Survival Of The Fittest, flopped.

The incredibly early addition of the 'sexy dancing pulse challenge' didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with many considering it a desperate attempt by bosses to claw back fans with an assortment of perfect bums, cringe-inducing flirting and much-needed angst. Sorry guys, but nothing can top Curtis Samba-ing out in the tiniest purple shorts and the most ridiculous headdress known to man.

So is this the beginning of the painful end of Love Island? Short answer, no. A winter version of the show just doesn't work. Unlike in the summer, Love Island has stiff TV competition in the winter and viewers just aren't in the same frame of mind to watch gorgeous people sunning it while they're stuck inside in the freezing cold.

Saying that, it's not a lost cause just yet. Last night's episode was, by far, the best as tensions began to bubble in the fallout of Rebecca's arrival and game playing accusations were thrust into the sphere.

Love Island can still inject a bit of excitement with some unique, diverse and lively bombshells. We need a Maura, a Theo or even a 'villain' like Megan who can turn the villa on its head.

Let's hope that Love Island can save this series before it falls into the dull abyss and becomes, god forbid, the new Survival Of The Fittest.

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