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Love Island: Viewers shocked as Molly-Mae and Tommy appear to ‘have sex’ with Ellie Belly in the bed

Jul 25, 2019

Love Island viewers were left shocked over racy scenes between Molly-Mae Hague and boyfriend Tommy Fury.

On Thursday’s show, the couple got hot and heavy under the covers, with Molly-Mae’s beloved elephant Ellie Belly being seen nearby.

Saucy scenes showed the toy being shaken back and forth in the dark as Molly-Mae and Tommy shared an intimate moment, leaving viewers at home shocked.

“Poor Ellie Bellie last night!,” one viewer wrote.

A second added: “Ellie Bellie is traumatised now.”

While a third added: “Ellie-Bellie has just witnessed something that no teddy should ever witness… the poor thing is traumatised.”

While another wrote: “I can’t believe Molly Mae and Tommy were going straight at it with Ellie Bellie right there.”

It’s not the first time the couple have sparked rumours they “did bits” during an incredibly steamy scene.

Molly-Mae was heard gasping "Jesus Christ" from underneath the covers during one scene on the show, with viewers claiming they heard “sex noises”.

Another scene showed Molly-Mae exclaiming “its f*****g huge!” from under the covers.

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