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Love Island’s Curtis says he misses Amy but hints he could fall in love with Maura during candid Q&A – The Sun

Jul 16, 2019

LOVE Island's Curtis Pritchard has admitted that he misses his ex Amy Hart – but thinks he could fall in love with new girl Maura Higgins.

The professional ballroom dancer chose to pursue things with Maura Higgins last night and gave new girl Francesca the elbow.

He has been trying to decide between the two girls all week after heartbroken Amy's tearful exit from the villa.

But now Curtis has revealed that he misses Amy and is sure he's made a friend for life – despite cruelly telling the air hostess he couldn't see himself marrying her and having kids together.

"I 100% miss Amy, I actually really miss Amy she was a fantastic young lady and although things didn't work out between myself and Amy I have made a friend for life, she is incredible and I do really miss her," he told Love Island's Beach Hut Hook Up.

But he is still convinced he'll find love in the villa with only two weeks left.

"It seems that there are only two weeks left, perhaps my time in the villa I won't find love but I'm hoping and I think I can eventually find a girl I can eventually find love with," he teased.

He also revealed what he said to Maura when he slid into her DMs.

"When I slid into Maura's DMs a while ago I didn't say anything bad it was just something like, 'You look gorgeous, it was something like that, it was a while ago."

Last night, the ring girl put the pressure on the ballroom dancer tonight to choose between her and new girl Francesca.

And the Irish model got exactly what she wanted as Curtis declared his 'like' for her and gave her a lingering kiss.

"I've made my decision, every single conversation that we have had and everything that's happened I just find myself being drawn closer to you," he said.

"There was a different side to you that I never knew because I was so close to Amy.

Maura melted as he explained his decision, saying: "You're so clever, you're so mature and you're gorgeous."

Afterwards, Maura said in the Beach Hut: "I thought this day would never come, I finally, finally feel happy."

"My vagina is throbbing," she told the girls.

Meanwhile, Curtis tried to let Francesca down gently as he took her to the roof terrace for a chat and put her firmly in the friend zone.

She continues: "You've kind of had, not a really long time, but a long time.

"Maybe you might have decided or not? Wondering where's your head at."

While Curtis sat there giggling and hides his face.

Maura decided to confront Curtis after speaking with her pals Anna and Amber.

She says: "I'm going have to talk to Curtis and just tell him I want a decision because I'm not waiting any longer. he shouldn't need this long.

Curtis implied he had feelings for Maura before revealing his intentions.

He said: "I’ve felt myself being drawn closer and closer to you. You look absolutely gorgeous.

"There are so many reasons why I would want to move things forward with you.”

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