Lucifer: Netflix releases trailer for season five part two

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Lucifer season five, part two will premiere on Friday, May 28 on Netflix worldwide. All eight episodes will drop in one go for fans to binge-watch immediately and after the events of part one, fans are keeping their fingers crossed Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Chloe’s (Lauren German) relationship will survive. Is Chloe pregnant with Lucifer’s child? has everything you need to know.

Is Chloe pregnant with Lucifer’s child?

After more than six months of waiting, the trailer for Lucifer season five, part two has finally arrived.

The two-minute clip has given fans a quick glimpse at what is come and one thing is for sure, fans cannot wait to see the events unfold before their eyes.

There is so much to unpack from the trailer. From God’s return to the family dinner all the way to an all-out war between Lucifer and Michael.

One small detail fans picked up on was a snippet of a conversation between Ella (Aimee Garcia), Lucifer and Chloe, raising suspicions amongst fans Chloe may be pregnant with Lucifer’s child.

During a visit to a crime scene that seems to be set inside an aquarium, Lucifer jokes: “Should’ve known we’d smell something fishy.”

Ella responded: “Ah dad joke, nice!” to which Lucifer responds: “Thanks, I’m practising”

The camera cuts to Chloe starring straight back at Lucifer before the trailer moves on.

On the other hand, there is the possibility Lucifer is referring to becoming God, the father of everyone, rather than the father of Chloe’s child specifically.

There is also the possibility Chloe is not actually pregnant and the look of disapproval from Chloe follows on from a conversation where she and Lucifer may have discussed their future together and the possibility of children.

Sadly, the end of the trailer suggests Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship will not be plain-sailing.

At the end of Lucifer season five, part one, Chloe said ‘I love you with Lucifer unable to get the words out before time stood still.

The trailer suggests Lucifer still does not feel the same for Chloe, so a future together – kids included – may actually be off the table.

In the clip, Lucifer can be seen saying to Chloe: “If I said those three words to you, it would be a lie.”

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Hopefully, the scene is just clever editing by the Lucifer team or maybe, Michael has gotten better at pretending to be Lucifer.

Thankfully fans do not have too long to wait to find out what will happen between Lucifer and Chloe in part two.

Fans have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on Chloe’s pregnancy.

One fan tweeted: “I would really like to believe in Chloe’s pregnancy, although I found some evidence, but I’m giving up on the idea. I think Lauren’s belly on S6’s behind-the-scenes is just for one case. There is no time in the plot for a baby deckerstar. And there is still Trixie.”

A second fan said: “Well, he’s planning on being the new god, and god is the father of the universe kinda thing. That’s what I got from it.”

A third fan added: “Clearly Lucifer wants to become God which is why he’s practising, but I wonder if Chloe wants a family with him and she worries him becoming God will get in the way of that. He will be everyone’s dad instead of Trixie’s dad and any other children they have.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019 ahead of the release of Lucifer season five, part one, Tom Ellis addressed whether a Deckerstar baby could be on the cards.

He said: “All of these things could happen.

“Lucifer did say to Amenadiel (DB Woodside) it’s really surprising that he hasn’t gotten someone pregnant. If Father (Dennis Haysbert) blesses it, then maybe.”

Lucifer season 5, part 2 premieres Friday, May 28 on Netflix worldwide.

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