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MAFS UK teaser shows huge cracks with Matt and Dan as Luke admits devastating truth to Morag

Sep 23, 2021

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Married at First Sight's brand new teaser trailer reveals some serious trouble in paradise for the couples, particularly Matt Jameson and Daniel McKee.

In the next instalment, the group will go on their final dates as they are forced to make the ultimate decision on their lives together after the show ends.

The dramatic trailer shows some couples are stronger than ever, including Tayah and Adam.

But while Matt and Dan have been a fan-favourite pairing from the very start, there’s rocky times ahead.

“I don’t think I should move to Northern Ireland,” Matt declares in the teaser clip.

It’s been coming down the tracks for a while that the duo could face difficulties when it comes to finally deciding whether to live in Leeds or Northern Ireland.

Home stays shone a light on even more concerns as Daniel struggled to settle in Matt’s built up neighbourhood.

What’s more, Matt is incredibly close to his parents and they made a point to voice their fears about him moving a “plane ride” away.

Also in the new video, the voiceover teased there would be plenty more twists to come.

“Before their final vows, some doubts set in,” the voice said ominously.

“Who will commit? And who will leave?”

Elsewhere, Morag and Luke and Franky and Marylise could be reaching the end of their tethers with each other, as they begin to realise their values and dreams aren’t aligned.

“One thing I regret is dropping the L bomb,” Luke admitted to his blonde love in the trailer for the next instalment.

While Marylise confided in the camera that she isn’t so sure about military man Franky, 47, after all.

“Maybe do you know, we’re not meant to be. Maybe this isn’t right for me,” she shared.

Despite all the doom and gloom, Tayah and Adam may still be on their way to happily ever after as the show hurtles towards its conclusion.

“I’ve just had the best few months of my life,” the brunette bombshell told her man, as Adam declared: “I do really really love you Tay.”

Married at First Sight continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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