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Marnie Simpson slammed by fans as they unfollow ‘damaging’ Geordie Shore star after her dramatic weight loss | The Sun

Jan 3, 2023

MARNIE Simpson has been criticised by her followers after saying her weight loss was "shifting her mum weight".

The Geordie Shore OG has dropped two-and-a-half stone over the past four months, launching a fitness plan called Marnie's Motiv8.

Since then, she's been sharing before and after pics online, wearing the same bikini to show off the difference.

But in her latest post, which sees her in a snakeskin print bikini, her caption has riled fans who think she's belittling those who have "mum weight".

She wrote: "This took 4 months and some sweat 😅 If you’re feelin that New Year New Me vibe – am with you. Who the hell hasn’t overdone it in the last week 🤦‍♀️"

"Well time for a fresh start guys – check out how I shifted all my mum weight and my over indulging weight and my sad stuffing my feelings weight."

The comments have gone down poorly with those who think she's deliberately targeting self-conscious parents who already may be suffering with low self-esteem.

"Nothing wrong with 'mum weight' stop putting so much pressure on mothers when majority are already self conscious as it is," wrote one.

"I feel like you’re just trolling us now," said a second. "But on a serious note, this is exploitative and money grabbing behaviour. Wonder why you waited until January when everyone has overindulged at Christmas and feeling fat and crap."

"These pics are so damaging," wrote a third, prompting one fan to reply and say, "I'm going to unfollow her as I'm sick of seeing these pics."

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Comments have now been limited on the post as a result.

While some took exception to her daily weight loss posts, others have been congratulating her for getting in shape.

"This post has given me motivation," wrote one.

While a second said: "HATERS ARE GONNA HATE MARNS! We love ya"

In another video posted yesterday, Marnie felt forced to debunk claims she was "pregnant in the before pic" or had undergone surgery after further hurtful comments.

She's also clashed with former Bake Off star Laura Adlington in her comments before after the baker called her out for "cashing in on people's insecurities" by launching the fitness plan on Boxing Day.

Marnie hit back, calling Laura "paranoid" and full of "conspiracy theories", saying her Instagram was "only good vibes".

Laura replied: "Good vibes would be not cashing in people’s insecurities, babes."

The Geordie Shore OG has become the latest star to create her own fitness and weightloss plan for 2023, with James and Ola Jordan and Charlotte Dawson among those having a body overhaul for the new year.

Former Strictly pros James and Ola have launched Dance Shred after losing nearly seven stone between them,

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Meanwhile, Charlotte launched Belleh Blast after also shedding weight after a health scare last year, where she learned she was susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

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