• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Martin Daubney insists net zero targets punish working class amid calls to scrap plans

Nov 1, 2021

Martin Daubney says net zero targets ‘punish’ working class

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Martin Daubney has called for the scrapping of Net Zero targets, saying “it’s not the priority for the working class, their priority is taking care of family”. It came as world leaders are meeting in Glasgow at the moment to discuss delivering positive climate action to save the planet. 

Speaking on Jeremy Vine show, Martine Daubney said: “70,000 pounds for a car. When people find out the true costs of them. I think this is going to be a huge political fault line.

And I think the public will punish the Tories in next elections.”

Shay Kaur Grewal said: “It’s great to have all of these numbers.

And you know, we now have a poll that was done for 31 countries in which it found an average of 56% of people actually want their governments to set some stronger targets.”

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She went on: “So what you said is completely incorrect.

People do want this to change.

My question to you, however, is this because we can go back and forth with the stats.

We’re going to hear that all day in the news. It’s going to be expensive,  no one is denying that.”

She asked Mr Daubney: “What would you like the world to do? Because we know that the climate crisis is happening. It’s happening now.

Do you want everyone to just sit back idly and actually just say what we’ll just see how things pan out and fingers crossed, we can hope for the best.

Martin Daubney said in response: “What I’m saying is climate change is a concern, is a luxury belief system of those who can afford it

“It’s a luxury belief for those who can afford it.”

“If you can afford 70 grand for electric car, good on you.

“If you’re going to fall 50 grand for a new boiler Good on you.

“If you can’t, and most people can’t that how will they go pay for it?

“We’re already seeing in London cars being scrapped on Monday, and I have to do that. Now that will certainly spread across Britain. And I just think this would be punishing to those who cannot afford it.

“I’d like to see scrap Net zero targets.”

One of the Net Zero plans is to phase out the sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030.

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