MASKED Dancer winner Louis Smith has revealed the extreme length he took to ensure Carwash's identity was kept a secret.

While behind-the-scenes of the ITV show, the British artistic gymnast admitted that he stuffed a pillow down his top to make it out that he was "a really fat man".

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online after his win on Saturday night, Louis, 32, revealed how he tried to "throw everyone off" about his identity.

While the stars are kept separate in rehearsals, he was still worried he could be rumbled by one of the other celebrities during his rehearsal.

"It was just crazy, the logistics of having 12 celebrities on set and making sure we didn't bump into each other," he revealed of behind-the-scenes.

"We had these hoodies that said 'don't speak to me', which was for the crew and security not to talk to us, and these gloves that covered all our skin.

"We had these balaclavas and these Kylie Minogue visors on top of them. It was just such a slick operation."

At one point in the rehearsals, Louis said the celebrities were brought on stage to practice a group dance only in their protective gear.

Wanting to make sure he wasn't figured out without his costume on, the Olympic silver medallist went the extra mile with his disguise.

"One of the crew said this is the time when everyone tries to work out everyone else, so I was really nervous," he explained.

"I took a pillow and put it under my hoodie and made it out like I was a really fat man – I thought that was funny to throw everyone off."

As for his outfit, Louis opted to perform as Carwash as he was up for "anything" and "just wanted to have fun" on the show, promising he would never "say no".

"It was a hard costume to live up to because it's so big, if your movements weren't full of energy they'd just get lost in it," he added of the designed.

The gymnast added that it's likely he "lost a lot of weight" in the costume because it was "really heavy" and designed "like a scuba suit".

"All the air you breath out, you're sweating, it's hot and steamy, and you're sometimes in the costume for half an hour," Louis revealed.

"We used to train in these altitude masks to get used to what it's like in these masks, to get used to restrictive breathing. So it was tough."

On Saturday, Louis was crowned the winner of The Masked Dancer UK, taking home the trophy as character Carwash.

He unveiled himself at the end of the show, making it the second dance competition he had won, taking home the Strictly Come Dancing trophy in 2012.

Louis said of taking part in the show: "It has been the most bonkers show I've ever done but it's been incredible."

He added of his decision: "It goes back to being a very tough year for everyone.

"Everyone loved The [Masked] Singer so if I could get involved and put smiles on other people's faces [then great]".

Louis just pipped Bonnie Langford to the win, but the judges seemed most shocked to see her unmasked having been convinced it was a younger star such as Maisie Smith.

Guest judge Holly Willoughby told Bonnie: "The way you move your body and went around that stage it's like you're 18 it's ridiculous."

Delighted with the comments, Bonnie said: "It's been such a joy, I mean it is nuts, It's been so fantastic."

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