Matt James’ upcoming season of The Bachelor is entering our collective lives on January 4, and it’s truly one of the only things I’m looking forward to. You know, other than this hellish year ending, but I digress.

Perhaps sensing how desperate Bachelor Nation is for some Matt James content, ABC finally dropped a first look at his season during Tuesday night’s premiere of Big Sky. Which was obviously a clear attempt to get us to watch Big Sky, and you know what, IT WORKED.

In the brief clip, we see Matt greet several women as they arrive in limos (classic Bachelor style), and Chris Harrison quips “the women are literally falling for you” after one of them legit trips into his arms. We’re also blessed with MULTIPLE kissing moments—including one in a very steamy hot tub—and a clip of Matt admitting to Chris Harrison that he’s never been in love. Oh, and naturally the sneak peek ends with a montage of various women crying. Becuase it wouldn’t be a season of The Bachelor without copious waterworks!

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