MEGAN Barton-Hanson received death threats for having looking "fake and plastic" after she had cosmetic surgery.

The 25-year-old has had her ears pinned back, two boob jobs, cosmetic treatment done on her nose, teeth and lips prior to finding fame on Love Island, but she was surprised she received "so much stick" for going under the knife.

Speaking openly to Kathy Burke on her Channel 4 documentary All Woman, the former stripper said: "I got so much stick for it in the island.

"I thought yeah they would mention the fact that I slept with two boys, yeah they would mention I was a stripper and I’d done glamour modelling. But I didn’t think there would be that much stick for getting surgery.

"There would be comments that I was fake and plastic.

"I was getting death threats at one point. I think people just love to hate."

Megan went under the knife after being bullied at school, yet her enhancements did not stop the spiteful comments.

Wes Nelson's ex continued: "The first thing I had done was my ears. Kids at school were nasty and call me a rat, and then my nose and my boobs.

"My mum was having hers done and I was like, 'Would you pay for me to have my boobs done? I promise I’ll pay you back.'

"When I started stripping I had a second boob job, I thought I’d treat myself because I’d worked hard and I’d get the perfect natural looking boobs that I always wanted."

But the Celebs Go Dating star has insisted cosmetic surgery does not help get rid of any internal insecurities.

She added: "It changed the outside shell but you’re still dealing with the insecurities inside. Chucking money at it won’t help."

Megan believes it is a vicious cycle as youngsters are sucked into editing their natural beauty using apps, or having beauty treatments, because of posts they see on social media, as well as adverts, but are then vilified for the procedures.

She added: "Whether you edit yourself on these apps or in real life you get so much stick.

"These platforms are out here and these adverts are targeted at girls my age. They encourage it and when you do it you get vilified."

Megan is currently on Celebs Go Dating in the hope to find love after the breakdown of her relationship from Love Island ex Wes Nelson earlier this year.

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