STRICTLY Come Dancing's legendary curse is a REAL thing, claims married contestant Michelle Visage- and she reckons her partner Giovanni Pernice is "hot" too.

While many of those who take part in the hit BBC show try and deny the curse's existence, Michelle has said she can see how celebs end up falling for the professionals.

"I can see how it does happen," the 51 year-old told The Sun Online."If you are missing that physicality and contact and touch in your life, then maybe."

That said, Michelle, who is married to husband David Case, says it would be "ridiculous" to think of it ever striking her.

The Drag Race star explained: "My husband knows me and loves me. We have been married for 23 years.

"When I told him I was with Gio, I said to him, 'Look how how he is', and he was like, 'He is hot, go Giovanni!'

"So yeah, Giovanni is hot, but nothing is going to happen."

Michelle and Giovanni, who dates last year's contestant Ashley Roberts, have stormed the leaderboard so far in this year's competition.

They scored 32 points on Saturday night with their Viennese waltz.

But while she is doing amazingly well in the competition, Michelle admits she thinks Americans are usually at a disadvantage on British reality shows.

"All Americans on British shows are at a disadvantage as we aren’t as familiar to the audience,"she told us.

"But I am here representing women in their 50s who are giving it a go and hopefully people will relate to that."

"I am also here representing the queer community. I have a queer daughter, I am an ally and I’m doing it for all my LGBTQ brothers and sisters."

Michelle will also be doing double duty on our screens from this week when the eagerly anticipated UK version of RuPaul's Drag Race starts on BBC iPlayer on Thursday.

"I think people are expecting to just see the American show with British queens but it’s totally different," Michelle teases.

"Drag queens from every place are different. The queens in Manchester are different to the queens in London.

"But the show is great and I can’t wait for everyone to see it."

But despite being an anglophile for much of her life, Michelle admits there were a few British-isms that went over her head during filming.

"There are a few older references I didn't get," reveals the judge, who will be joined on the UK panel by Alan Carr and Graham Norton, as well as the legendary RuPaul.

"I didn't grow up with the same telly as you guys, I haven't seen a lot of EastEnders and stuff, but I got most of it!"

  • RuPaul's Drag Race UK episodes stream weekly on BBC Three from Thursday at 8pm.

RuPaul cheers from the audience as Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice wow judges
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