Money Heist: Fans believe Tatiana is key in series five events

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La Casa de Papel will be ending with its fifth and final season on Netflix this year. However, there are still several questions which need to be answered in the conclusion to the series. This includes what is actually going on with Tokyo’s (played by Úrsula Corberó) narration in the show and if she could even already be dead. Here are some of the biggest theories about this ahead of its release.

Is Tokyo narrating from the dead in Money Heist?

As fans of the Spanish crime thriller will know, Tokyo has narrated the show since the very first episode.

Accompanying the series’ tendency to flit back and forth between timelines, she is often a guide to let the viewer know what is going on.

However, the exact reason for her narrating has not been addressed in the series so far.

Now the show is heading into its final season, many think this could finally be revealed.

Fans also have plenty of theories about what is actually going on with Tokyo’s narration.

Some have speculated it could mean she may be the only survivor to make it out of the heist alive.

While others think she may be telling her story to people in prison with her.

However, there is a slightly darker theory also floating around, which suggests she could already be dead.

Posting on Reddit, fan Nogarda speculated she may have died by the time she narrates the show.

They wrote: “She is retelling her life like a final flashback to pinpoint the moment her life changed and what led up to her death.

“Tokyo isn’t the type that strikes me as having a photographic memory.

“And her narration always has hints of hindsight and forward thinking of puzzle pieces she knows turned out to be true.


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“The only way she has that deep level of hindsight and thinking is as if she is reliving the moment.”

Another Redditor named TimeyWimey1467 also agreed with the idea this narration could be coming from her dying moments.

They added: “Everyone dies. She is the last one to die.

“She is reminiscing how it all began and how it all ends in the final moments.”

Some viewers may be wondering how she could be narrating the show if she is already dead.

However, other fans have pointed out how this is a device used in several other films and series as well.

User betha99 wrote: “Narrating doesn’t mean being alive necessarily, 13 Reasons Why is narrated by a character who is dead.”

While this is certainly an intriguing theory, the truth is likely to only be revealed when the series is released later in 2021.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix now.

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