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Never Have I Ever season 3 Netflix release time: What time is new series out?

Aug 9, 2022

Never Have I Ever: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Comedy-drama series Never Have I Ever makes its long-awaited return after it was confirmed the show would be released in August 12. Season three will be dropping in its entirely on the streaming platform across the globe. Express.co.uk has the lowdown on the show’s release time and what you can expect from the forthcoming series.

What time is Never Have I Ever season 3 released on Netflix?

The whole series drops in one go across the world, so the time will vary depending on your geographical location.

Generally, Netflix releases its shows at midnight Pacific Standard Time because the streamer’s headquarters are in California.

This means, fans will be able to watch Never Have I Ever from 8am in the UK.

For those in India, this means the show will be available from 1.30pm on the platform on the day of release.

How many episodes are in Never Have I Ever season 3?

The episode titles have now been released with the Never Have I Ever Instagram dropping a video sharing them.

  • 1. Never Have I Ever… Been Sl** Shamed
  • 2. Never Have I Ever… Had My Own Troll
  • 3. Never Have I Ever… Had A Valentine
  • 4. Never Have I Ever… Made Someone Jealous
  • 5. Never Have I Ever… Been Ghosted
  • 6. Never Have I Ever… Had A Breakdown
  • 7. Never Have I Ever… Cheated
  • 8. Never Have I Ever… Hooked Up With My Boyfriend
  • 9. Never Have I Ever… Had An [SPOILER]
  • 10. Never Have I Ever… Lived The Dream

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Like the previous outings, season three will have a total of 10 episodes which will have a run time over around 30 minutes, and makes the show so bingeable.

Season three will see Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her blossoming romance with high school jock Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet).

However, Devi’s fleeting former flame and rival Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) will be left trying to hide his continuing heartbreak.

Ben was left shaken after discovering from Eleanor Wong (Romona Young) Devi still had feelings for him and had desperately tried to win him back after she two-timed him.

In his anger, Ben had moved on with Devi’s friend Aneesa (Megan Suri) but still harboured feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

The show’s Instagram account posted about Devi: “Our favorite [sic] chaotic teenager is back to make some questionable choices.”

While it said about Ben: “College is just around the corner, this mathematician will do whatever it takes to get into his dream ivy league.”

Teasing Paxton’s storyline, the account said: “Our heartthrob king is ready to see what’s in store for his senior yea.”

Season three is going to be introducing a new character in the form of Des played by 911 and The Goldbergs star Anirudh Pisharody.

“There’s a new boy in town. he’s smart AND hot? Devi stay strong girl!!!” said a post on the show’s Instagram.

Speaking about how the series changed her life, lead star Ramakrishnan said: “It’s been wild. I mean, so much of my life has changed.

“Before, I had never known what it was like to be on camera at all. I really wanted part-time jobs at high school but I never had the time, so I just landed this instead.”

She went on to tease season three: “There is so much more drama as expected though. The love triangle now is not necessarily a triangle.

She went on to tease season three: “There is so much more drama as expected though. The love triangle now is not necessarily a triangle.

“There’s more intensity with the family, a bunch going on there and honestly, my favourite part is we talk about some real stuff that a lot of us can relate to, a lot of insecurities that Devi has to tackle on and it’s really refreshing watching her grow up.”

Ramakrishnan said about the love triangle: “It’s an ever-changing shape, that’s what I will give.”

Adding to Good Morning America: “I would say Never Have I Ever is a dramedy, we love sprinkling in a little bit of comedy because it’s always fun to make people laugh.

“But there is a real, honest, genuine heart and I think that’s the heartbeat of our show. That’s what makes it so great and how so many people see themselves and relate to the show.”

Never Have I Ever season 3 will be released on Friday, August 12

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