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Next James Bond: The Witcher’s Henry Cavill open to conversations for 007 role

Dec 3, 2021

The Witcher: Netflix releases tense trailer for series 2

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James Bond is one of cinema’s most iconic characters, so the choice of who can play him can never be taken lightly. Now that Daniel Craig has ended his tenure as 007 with No Time to Die, it’s once again open to speculation on who could step into the secret agent’s shoes. Henry Cavill has been a fan-favourite choice for years, and he recently admitted to being open to the role while promoting season two of Netflix’s The Witcher on The Graham Norton Show.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for No Time to Die.

Even before Daniel Craig announced he was leaving the James Bond franchise, lists of possible replacements have been suggesting a certain selection of stars.

Consistently, Henry Cavill has been at the top of many fans’ lists, and now that Craig has bowed out with the hit 25th instalment, the true search can begin again.

Whoever follows Craig will have some major shoes to fill, as the star revitalised the character for the 21st century, introducing Bond to a new wave of fans.

He also updated the character to better reflect modern audiences and with five films as the character, he has cemented his legacy in the franchise.

Therefore, the search for a possible replacement is no small task, but it seems as though Cavill is up for the challenge.

While on The Graham Norton Show, it wasn’t long before the BBC host pressed Cavill on the subject, and his answer has made fans’ imaginations run wild.

“I would definitely have a conversation,” Cavill explained, adding: “From what I understand there are very early conversations happening at the top but there is no list as such.”

Obviously, it is still early days for Bond 26, with the film not expected to release until 2023 at the earliest, though this is an optimistic date.

There is very little to go on for Bond 26, with the film still not being officially confirmed by MGM or Eon Productions.

However, it is widely accepted to be a reboot of the franchise, with the ending of No Time to Die giving the future writers little option.

No Time to Die ended with the death of Craig’s Bond, essentially putting a full stop to the franchise.

Yet, Craig wasn’t the first to reboot Bond, as Piers Brosnan’s run also reset the clock after Timothy Dalton’s two-film arc.

There is always the chance that only Bond himself will be rebooted, with the rest of the supporting cast remaining in place.

Judy Dench’s M crossed over from the Brosnan era, despite the fact that Casino Royale was a complete reset of the timeline.

Until the Craig films, Bond has never fully bridged the gap between movies, other than a knowing nod here or there.

Therefore, anything is possible in the franchise, but it is safe to say Cavill would be a popular choice.

On Twitter, fans have already been voicing their support for Cavill as the iconic character.

@AleqCavill wrote: “Henry Cavill. He can be a Witcher, a spy, a Greek god, a detective. Can portray any character and has fully delivered to each character #007.” (sic)

@prashpav added: “I hope the producers don’t over-think this one. He’s the obvious choice to be the next 007.  Let’s go!”

“I would love to see him as Bond, Idris Elba as M, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Tanner, Leticia Wright as Q or Felix, and other characters played by actors & actresses of colour,” @Classic_Erynn commented.

James Bond 26 is in early development and currently does not have a release date.

The Witcher season two will premiere on December 17 exclusively on Netflix. 

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