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Outlander season 6: First look at script teases racy Jamie and Claire Fraser scene

Oct 15, 2021

STARZPLAY teases Outlander season six

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Fans of Starz’s historical romance series have been eagerly awaiting the release of season six to find out the fate of their favourite characters, after the shocking season finale. Thankfully, Outlander has given viewers some insight into the upcoming instalment and it looks as though things could get steamy for Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe).

Although fans have to wait until early 2022 to stream the highly anticipated upcoming season, the show has provided them with a glimpse of what’s to come.

According to Entertainment Weekly, they received a script from the show’s executive producers Maril Davis and Matthew B. Roberts and star Caitriona Balfe.

On the page reads the lines from season six premiere episode, where Jamie and Claire are discussing life on Fraser’s Ridge with the new arrivals.

The newcomers being the Christie Family, composed of Tom (Mark Lewis Jones) and his two children, Allan (Alexander Vlahos) and Malva (Jessica Reynolds).

With the script highlighting some of Jamie’s concerns, Matthew stated: “We just wanted to come into the first episode and really give you background on that relationship.”

Although Jamie and Tom are old friends, he still felt uneasy about them moving to the Ridge after he explained their history to Claire.

“There’s this assumption that all of Jamie’s Ardsmuir men are people he had a good relationship with and who look up to him, and that might not be the case,” Matthew teased.

After her best efforts to reassure her husband, Jamie was enamoured by Claire and the script turned racy.

During season three, Jamie was held captive at Ardsmuir Prison for three years but as the only Jacobite officer, the other prisoners looked up to him.

However, unlike the other inmates, he wasn’t transported to the American Colonies.

Instead, because he potentially had information about the Frenchman’s Gold, he was transported to Helwater, to serve his parole.

During this time, Claire had time-travelled back to the future although she didn’t want to leave, Jamie convinced her as she was also pregnant.

Maril shared a huge hint which could point to the real reason the Christie family relocated: “Even during the 20 years Jamie thought he’d never see Claire again, she was always his touchstone.”

She disclosed: “Tom and his kids never had that tether. They’re all coming to the Ridge searching for something, whether that’s salvation, hope, or whatever it is I’m not sure if they’ll find it.”

The showrunner revealed: “Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire keep thinking they’re safe at Fraser’s Ridge, but in season 6 we’re asking, ‘What do you do when your home turns against you?’ We’ll see how that happens in their own backyard.”

Outlander is the onscreen adaptation of a bestselling novel series of the same name written by Diana Gabaldon.

This means many fans of the TV series have also read the books and have shared that Christie’s arrival at Fraser’s Ridge means nothing but trouble.

However, the Fraser family already have an impending war on their plate, as Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) promised to avenge his brother after he was murdered by Marsali Fraser (Lauren Lyle).

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what this could mean for Jamie and Claire when Outlander finally returns.

Outlander season six is expected to premiere on Starz in early 2022.

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