PETER Andre's wife Emily poured cold water on their baby plans as she says she's "definitely not tempted" and isn't broody.

The Mysterious Girl singer, 47, previously claimed he would have his third child with his doctor wife, 31, this year – or not at all.

But Emily appears to have poured cold water on his baby plans as she opens up about her friends having kids.

Speaking in her OK! magazine column, Emily said: "Alesha Dixon has revealed she 'really misses breastfeeding' after sharing a picture of when her youngest daughter Anaya was only seven weeks old.

"I must admit I have moments where I miss it, too. So many of my friends have had babies this year and they'll send me pictures of them breastfeeding.

"It just makes me think about how much I loved it. Don't get me wrong, though, it's hard work when they're that young and I don't miss the sleepless nights, but I do miss the lovely feeling of having a newborn.

"But I definitely don't feel tempted to have another baby at the moment! You'd think all my friends having babies would make me broody but I'm not broody at all.

"I am really enjoying seeing my friends starting families, and also seeing my kids growing up.

"I might change my mind but right now I'm happy with the way things are."

Emily and Pete share kids Amelia, seven, and Theo, four together. Peter also shares Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex Katie Price.

Peter previously vowed not to be changing nappies when he's 50.

"If Emily and I are ever going to have a third child, this year might have to be the one," he wrote in New magazine.

"I think the fact we're talking about it constantly means it is a possibility.

"Basically if it were to happen, it would need to be this year if it were up to me.

"I don't want to be changing nappies when I'm 50."

Meanwhile, Junior is "totally against" Peter having a third baby – as he feels the 17-year age gap between him and a future sibling would be too much.

Speaking to New! magazine about Junior’s thoughts on having more siblings, singer Peter revealed that daughter Princess – who he affectionately calls Bista – doesn't feel the same.

"Bista really wants us to have another child, but Junior is like 'No!'" he admitted.

"He says he doesn't want to be 17 with a baby that's just been born – he doesn't want there to be that much of an age difference.”

Peter joked, "But how does he think I'll feel? There will be 47 years in the difference." 

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