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Selling Sunset: Who is Vanessa Vilellas fiance Nick Hardy?

May 3, 2022

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Season five of hit reality show Selling Sunset recently arrived on Netflix with audiences lapping up all the latest feuds and fallouts at the Los Angeles real estate brokerage firm as the agents compete to sell luxurious properties. As the Emmy-nominated show has grown in popularity, so too has the number of agents at the Oppenheim Group. Express.co.uk takes a look at agent Vanessa Vilella’s partner Nick Hardy.

Who is Vanessa Vilella’s fiance Nick Hardy?

Vanessa was introduced to Selling Sunset in season four and has been a firm fixture ever since.

The Mexican-American actress-turned-realtor featured in the previous series of Selling Sunset but her romance with Nick wasn’t part of the story, even though they have been together since 2020.

Season five saw the couple finally in the spotlight with Nick giving Vanessa a promise ring quite publicly in at the office.

She was also dealing with distance while Nick was in the UK and she was in LA.

Later, it was confirmed the pair were engaged with plans to wed.

Many want to know more about the enigmatic Nick, who also styles himself as “Tom Fraud”, both on his Instagram account and his official website.

Nick is a British photographer and also describes himself as a Creative Director at the clothing brand Lascivious.

According to his site: “Tom Fraud – represents the dreams and believers who follow their heart, instincts and desires. The ‘outside the box’ thinkers who break all the rules.”

Nick’s site states he was also previously a creative director at a leading London photo agency and has worked with some big names in the industry.

He has photographed an eclectic mix of subjects and covers commercial, fashion and sports.

The photographer even documented the Black Lives Matter march in Manchester 2020.

His site features images from JD Sports, Starbucks New Era campaigns as well as rock concerts.

He has used both his website and Instagram page to showcase various aspects of his life including his work, appearing on Selling Sunset, and his relationship with Vanessa.

The photographer shared a cute selfie of the couple after they got engaged in February and posted about their relationship, revealing they met back in October 2020.

Nick wrote about his romance with Vanessa: “We had so much in common from the start! It was like a bolt of lightning!

“We spoke for months and months and each day our friendship grew stronger, our smiles grew bigger, our cheeks turned more red each time we spoke.”

He went on to document how he travelled over 1,400 miles during the coronavirus pandemic to be with Vanessa, saying: “What should of been 10 days turned into a 2 months DREAM!”

Nick finished the post, writing: “I love you with all my heart + soul and I cant wait to call you my Wife and spend the rest of our lives together. Mi Vida, My Amore, My Best Friend… My Baby Babe!”From the looks of it, Nick has become a cast member of sorts on Selling Sunset and the show is likely to see more of him.

Selling Sunset may even document his and Vanessa’s upcoming nuptials as well as the planning phase.

Selling Sunset is streaming on Netflix now

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