EMMERDALE’s Kim Tate is banned from seeing her granddaughter Millie after the soap’s poisoning plot takes a horrifying turn next week.

The ITV soap has confirmed that Kim – who is played by Claire King – is being poisoned by a mystery culprit. Here’s the lowdown on next week’s spoilers…

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1. Kim collapses

Emmerdale viewers know that Kim recently admitted she was worried she had dementia after suffering from memory loss and blackouts.

Kim’s hell continues next week as she’s poisoned again by the mystery perpetrator.

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, Kim agrees to look after Millie but begins to regret her decision as her health worsens. 

Manpreet checks in on Millie and prescribes some antibiotics, but disaster strikes when she leaves and Kim loses consciousness, collapsing onto the floor. 

When Kim comes to, she’s horrified to find Millie in the throes of an allergic reaction. 

2. Kim loses access to Millie

Later, viewers will see Andrea and Jamie return and rage at Kim for failing to look after Millie.

In a moment of rage, Andrea tells Kim she isn’t allowed to see her granddaughter anymore.

Kim is devastated by Andrea’s decision but realises she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

3. Jimmy is charged for Paul’s death 

Jimmy is pleased next week when he’s called in for questioning at the police station, assuming the interview will put his mind at rest following his crash that caused the death of Paul Ashdale. 

But he’s horrified when he’s charged with death by dangerous driving.

Nicola is equally stunned by the news, and left worrying how they’re going to fight Juliette for custody of Carl when Jimmy is facing criminal proceedings.

4. Nicola betrays Jimmy 

Later in the week, a desperate Nicola tries to hoodwink Jimmy into signing over half of the business over to Charity, who’s working with Mack.

When Jimmy discovers what’s happened he furiously confronts Charity, but she tells him he needs to talk to Nicola.

Back at home, Nicola and Jimmy’s row quickly escalates.

When Carl’s mother Juliette Holliday appears and riles Jimmy further, he kicks her out of the house.

The following morning, Jimmy shocks Nicola with a revelation.

What’s it going to be?

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5. Jamie and Dawn reunite

Emmerdale viewers know that Dawn ran a mile from Jamie after his mother threatened her to stay away. 

Dawn was aghast when Kim spiked Dawn’s drink in an attempt to sabotage her meeting with a social worker over custody of Lucas. 

But next week Jamie manages to persuade Dawn to have a drink with him. 

When they’re both a bit tipsy, Jamie begs Dawn to take him back. 

When she’s unsure, Jamie suggests seeing each other in secret. 

6. Faith flirts with Eric

Faith continues to set her sights on her ex-lover Eric next week in the ITV soap, despite his attachments to Brenda. 

Next week, Faith comes up with a plan regarding her hearse but is stunned when Eric catches her pinching bedding and a mattress. 

Brenda is unsettled when she spies Eric talking to Faith. 

Will she confront her love rival?

7. Kim terrifies Gabby

Following her collapse, Kim is thrilled when Gabby shows her a baby scan picture. 

But Gabby is deeply unsettled when Kim refers to the baby as her own. 

Is Gabby the one poisoning Kim?

If so, will she get her hands on Home Farm?

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